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whos afraid - Jack Erdie

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Who's Afraid? lyrics

Who's Afraid? lyrics

Im in a dream I cant wake up from
My brains alert but my bodys numb
A monkey bangs a battle drum
Upon a doomsday podium
I try to scream. My voice wont come
As he bullies pandemonium
To the final hour.

The monkey trails a web o strings
To monkey trainers in the wings
Whose skull & bones decoder rings
Flash chimp pickpockets into kings
The fat, Free-Market Diva sings
While missiles aim at everything
Except the golden tower.

How can a man who cant locate
One drop of oil in Texas state
Swagger through the White House gate
Thumb his nose at mankinds fate
With nobody to speculate
That dad said, Think cocaines a rush, son,
Wait till you try power!

Coz if youre loyal, then my boy Ill
Show you where to find more oil than soil.
But whos afraid of some pampered coward?

Show no respect to any law
That calls for ya to stoop or crawl
While whores command the judgment hall
Where peons of payola scrawl
In stone what should be optional
To feed ya to the foaming jaws
Of monopoly masters.

The lords of hypocrisy
Legislate morality
Orchestrate brutality
Say, Right by Might is Liberty,
All hail the war machinery
But if you wag that flag at me
Youll fly it at half-mast, sirs.

Every ones collectin stuff.
Cant isolate our selves enough.
Tuning out. Turning tough.
Diamonds dying in the rough.
Afraid that, if we call the bluff,
Well wear the terror tag
And drag our legs around in plaster.

Yes, its hard to get enthused,
To leave the zombie zone to be abused.
Whos afraid to sleep through disaster?

From the moment you appear
Its one lifelong campaign to smear
Your confidence & make you fear
That its a billion bucks from here
Up to where you can join your peers
& not be nerd or geek or queer
Or nervous, God forbid.

Gotta play ball to get paid
Gotta be cool to get laid
Watch the news to stay afraid
The propaganda hit parade
The cattle prod sparks in yer face
Pumping polish, gel & paste
To keep the natural you hid.

Yep, I seen it on tee vee
The chimpanzee can set ya free
From inferiority
A commerce-driven killing spree
Slaughter foreign families,
Well pay your full tuition.

But let me say, loud & true
There aint nothin wrong with you
Whos afraid of that slippin through, kid?

Its all about the kids, freal
Shirley Temple sex appeal
Snake oil peddlers who deal
In images to make ya feel
Immortal. Its a cinch to steal
From them who never foot the bill.
Its all good, E-Z Money.

Girlnboy bands make ya hum
Already been chewed pabulum
Must-see tee vee ad nauseum
& rap cds that oughta come
With gangsta cards & bubble gum
A drone o clones to keep ya numb
& keep ya shoppin, honey.

While them blessed with a vision gift
A tongue of truth, sharp & swift
To widen or to bridge the rift
Whitewash metaphors & shift
To neutral gear, content to drift
Right to the brink, then turn & wink like
Aint injustice funny?

But if you hide the gift youve got
Down in the ground, youre bound to rot.
Whos afraid while the skys still sunny?

Flag-eyed vultures spewing spit
Whove never known povertys pit
On thrones of bloody plunder sit
Shriek: Take mom off the welfare tit!
Make her slave to benefit
The marrow-sucking syndicate
Orphans, man, who gives a shit?
Theyre raindrops in the ocean.

These leaches of humanity
Lip-service Christ, the sanctity
Of unborn life, of chastity
While date-raping democracy
Hand pick dictators, trash the seas
And cripple infants constantly
With psychopath devotion.

If life is just the bottom line
Dont act as if it blows yer mind
When bottom feedersre all ya find
Dont look up now, the hands of time
Are creeping close to midnights chime
Too late, too late to grow a spine
Too late to change the motion.

When it flips, this eclipse
Gonna blow like an apocalypse
Whos afraid of one more explosion?

Listen and fill in the blanks

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