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pumpkin - Jack Erdie

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Pumpkin lyrics

Pumpkin lyrics

Pumpkin, sure like to taste your pumpkin pie (x2)
Lord knows that I got milk-a-plenty to wash it down if it gets dry

First time I seen you comin, it kind of took me by surprise
First time I seen your pumpkin head, it kind of took me by surprise
I swear I wasnt staring, mama. Its just my eyes was paralyzed/

Your heads so big and round your necks collapsin from the strain
You got a tangerine complexion, got water on the brain
With your nutmeg scented kisses and your cinnamony skin
Im cardiac arrested. Cant you see the shape Im in?

If I cant have you, pumpkin, gonna lay down and die. (Lord, Lord. Lordy, lord.)
Im out your kitchen window. Doncha shoo me away.
(Out of my gourd. Im out of my gourd.)
Need you from Thanksgiving to the fourth of July.
(Horn oplenty, Horn oplenty.)
Well go our separate ways come Independence Day
It aint love Im talkin bout. This pumpkin jones done wore me out.

Well, the blues is like voodoo, can raise you up or strike you dead. (x2)
The same is true for you, too, my double-whammy mammy, pumpkin head

Well, I said Id meet your family. I knew there had to be a catch. (x2)
They strung me up at the reunion like a scarecrow in a jack-o-lantern patch

I think Im slick but I cant slide. My eyes go wide. Forget my pride
My mouth gapes open like a fool. I sputter, stutter, spaz and drool
When you bent down to lace your buster browns it gave me grief
My nose bled and my face got redder than an autumn leaf

You cant hide from me, I can see right through stone
(God Amighty. God Amighty.)
Im holdin you in mind just like a match holds a flame.
(You ignite me. Girl, you ignite me.)
I gnaw your midnight memory like a dog gnaws a bone
(Slim pickens. Aint that slim pickens?)
You really tryin to kill me or just playina game?
You got to be my Harvest Queen. Ill take you out for Halloween!

Pumpkin, sure like to taste your pumpkin pie. (x2)
Lord knows that I got milk a plenty to wash it down if it gets dry.

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