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october - Jack Erdie

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October lyrics

October lyrics

I have enjoyed the summer season this go round
Ive traveled on the wooded trail
The sun was pleasing.
Its benefits were found
In every holler, hill and vale
Still I thrill to feel the ebbing of the heat
When the dog days of August come to heel
Into the shadows at Septembers gentle feet
It brings a joy, but that aint all I feel

Early this morning, I was up before the sun
Putting the storm windows in
Mink oiled my boots and I polished my gun
Laid away my summer sin
When through the window, while shaving, I see
With a cold draft of dread
Crimson and golden all over the trees
In the glass, gray all on my head

And the shock of October
Wont knock you over
You knew it would come all along
Treasure September
But always remember
October rolls over so strong
And summer is gone.

The night is falling.
The sky is pink and dim
A wind walks the land
The frost comes calling.
The grass is looking grim
And the gun is in my hand
Old Man Winters a liar and cheat
But he aint due for a spell
Ive got two shells,
If the first one dont beat him
The last is fare thee well.

(Repeat Chorus)

Listen and fill in the blanks

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