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midlife matinee - Jack Erdie

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Midlife Matinee lyrics

Midlife Matinee lyrics

Well I went to see a movie
In the middle of the day
Way out where nobody knew me
Coz I called off sick with pay
At the spark of the projector
In the dark I sat me down
Me and three other defectors
To the truant side of town

Old stars and screens
Fall by the way
Meet me in between dreams
At the midlife matinee

Far in front sat a fat man
Who kept one foot in the aisle
Fingering the ring on his hand
Like it was a broken dial
In the golden Hollywood glow
The hero humped his trophy wife
As the fat man pressed a photo
To his bosom like a knife

(Repeat Chorus)

And a girl, all of fifteen
In the back, dressed in black
Staring straight through the big screen
To some private movie track
In a hot, blazing showdown
The hero shot his enemies
As the girl tugged her blouse down
Over kicking memories

(Repeat Chorus)

But the man in the middle
Was the most out of place
Reading fate like a riddle
In each suffering face
As the hero saved the nation
Curbed inflation, struck it rich
This man lost his religion
In a two thousand year old ditch.

(Repeat Chorus)

Listen and fill in the blanks

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