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let their heads roll - Jack Erdie

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Let Their Heads Roll lyrics

Let Their Heads Roll lyrics

Ill let ya in on a secret
That every scoundrel knows
Whether hes perched on a pulpit
Or wrapped in a flag that glows
There aint no savior to break bad behavior
No great judgment day in the sky
Ive got the answer
To corporate cancer
All truth-dodgin dancers
In high places without a soul.
Coz I took a poll

Let their heads roll
Let their heads roll
Into a hole blacker than coal
Thousands have died
In the scapegoat chair fried
For the pride of the crooks in control
Let their heads roll
Let their heads roll

While you were working
The schemers were jerking your fences down
Its open season on dreamers
Theyre posting the signs year round
Lets get together
And chew through the tether
That ties us to their savage rules.
Weve got the visions.
Well make the decisions.
And conquer collisions with fools
Trade their abacus beads
For sunflower seeds

Let their heads roll.
Let their heads roll.
Down the long scroll
Of all that they stole.

Theres no excuse
When a mans only use
Is abuse of your trust in his goal.
Let their heads roll.
Let their heads roll.

It took a teacher
To mention this feature
Said Listen, son,
Youre bright,
With frightful intentions
Much like Attila the Hun.
I couldnt blame her
The sixties had tamed her
That foaming rebellion that flopped
British restraint
Helped make Gandhi a saint
Uncle Sam woulda made Gandhi cop
To some terrorist rap
Dont be a sap.

Let their heads roll.
Let their heads roll.
Dont look so droll.
You can use em to bowl.
Why waste your time
Wavin street corner signs
When youre just gonna do what youre told?
Let their heads roll.
Let their heads roll.

Alla the guards in the watchtowers
Are now on the Judas clock
All ships with angel tip prows
Shipping mercenaries to dock
Meanwhile your children
Are shielding the buildings
That shelter their very own doom
Dad of the bride
Dont assist suicide
Save your daughter from her brutal groom
With her birthright in hock
And her mouth fulla sock

Let their heads roll.
Let their heads roll.
Border patrol where your borders are sold.
For whats theirs to protect
They can risk their own necks
Wanna war? Send the rich and the old.
Let their heads roll.
Let their heads roll.

This is for swindled red skins
Crammed in tin trailer sardine cans
This is for innocent blacks
Slammed In cells by the crew cut klan
For those who question
The sneering suggestion
That were some superior tribe
And for every hemp smoker
In jail for some joker
Whos drunk at the country club
Bragging bout maximum time
Coz hes so tough on crime!

And this is for all teenage girls who
Met alley abortion deaths
This is for all small town boys
Crucified for their choice of sex
This is for project and trailer park kids
Who sought hope in the service and died
And for all union martyrs
Who bled for the charters
That gave us the rights
That the rich fought so hard to deny
And because they still try

Let their heads roll.
Let their heads roll.
Let vitriol swallow em whole.
You get your head
Above waters of red
They nail lead to your threadbare shoe soles
Let their heads roll
Let their heads roll.

Listen and fill in the blanks

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