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big brother johnny - Jack Erdie

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Big Brother Johnny lyrics

Big Brother Johnny lyrics

Were the new kids,
We always the new kids
Were the freshest game in your town
When the neighbood bullies
All come out for the newlies
Think they can push us around.
But were not scared,
We aint gonna scatter,
And we stroll wherever we please
Coz if you so much as touch us,
Gonna wish you was home in your bed
With a fatal disease.

Big brother Johnny
Gonna put everybody in they place
Big brother Johnny
Gonna greet everybody fist to face
Well, he aint here, yet,
But hes comin, you bet
Hes home now combin his hair
Big Brother Johnny
Gonna catch everybody unawares.

Seen him jump from a two-story window
And he land right smack on his feet
When the bruise-jocks came
Lookin fo some punchin bags
Tried to rough us up in the street
His scream alone
Sent the muscleheads a-runnin.
Chased em on into the park
And took turns slappin round
One and then the other.
Sent em both home cryin at dark

Big Brother Johnny
Gonna come on the run and put you down
Ya wont think its funny
When youre lyin all bloody on the ground
He go right in your house.
He don axe no permission.
So they aint no place you can hide.
Big Brother Johnny
Never stop till you know hes satisfied.

Hes my big brother
And he sho puts me through it
But he cant stand to see
Anybody else do it

First time out
From a brand new location
And the punks came by on they bikes
They was bustin rocks
Right upside our noggins
Johnny came from nowhere in sight
Rammed one into the wall,
Then he took his head
And bounced all over the place
Chased the other boy
Right up on his porch
And interduced his bike to his face

Big Brother Johnny
Gonna whoop everybody in his reach
Make everybody
Give us all an apology speech
Well, he may be dumb
And he might be demented
But we think he does it for love
Big Brother Johnny
Like to turn every push into a shove.

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