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Singles lyrics - Jack Erdie lyrics

You Can't Get There From Here lyrics

Im in a dream I cant wake up from
My brains alert but my bodys numb
A monkey bangs a battle drum
Upon a doomsday podium
I try to scream. My voice wont come
As he bullies pandemonium
To the final hour.

The monkey trails a web o strings
To monkey trainers in the wings
Whose skull & bones decoder rings
Flash chimp pickpockets into kings
The fat, Free-Market Diva sings

Who's Afraid? lyrics

Im in a dream I cant wake up from
My brains alert but my bodys numb
A monkey bangs a battle drum
Upon a doomsday podium
I try to scream. My voice wont come
As he bullies pandemonium
To the final hour.

The monkey trails a web o strings
To monkey trainers in the wings
Whose skull & bones decoder rings
Flash chimp pickpockets into kings
The fat, Free-Market Diva sings

The Walker/thru Your Eyes lyrics

Im a walker, baby
Walkings what I do
Walked out every time, from every place
On every one except for you
Yeah, walker, mama
And I hate them long goodbyes
That hold you hostage
When you just cant say
What wouldnt come as no surprise

I dont live in fear
When my phobias appear
I pull up my stakes and run away
Dont know if thats good
Dont know if I should

The Speed Of Darkness lyrics

I been thinkin bout velocity
How the planet spins so fast
That my thoughts all get ahead of me
While my dreams drag in the past
Cant imagine what the loss would be
If it all should end today
Its the information century
And theres nothing left to say

Please help me, Einstein
Im stuck on a time line
My space is caving in
The speed of darkness
Has outrun my carcass again

Rise lyrics

Rise from your slumber
Days without number
Wait for you
Shake off your losses
So many causes
To put your shoulder to
Its time to mend
Time to turn the next bend
We depend
On you to harmonize
So rise!

Pumpkin With A Face lyrics

Run, baby, hurry, bolt the windows and the back do
Run, while I catch my breath, then Ill tell you what fo
Dont be asceered of this here wood axe in my hand
The blood is mine. Its sprinkled all acrost our land
No time to waste. Do like I said.
My heart is cold and full of dread.

Fetchin that shotgun down was sure a good idea
What are you thinkin, love? Dont point that thing at me.

Pumpkin lyrics

Pumpkin, sure like to taste your pumpkin pie (x2)
Lord knows that I got milk-a-plenty to wash it down if it gets dry

First time I seen you comin, it kind of took me by surprise
First time I seen your pumpkin head, it kind of took me by surprise
I swear I wasnt staring, mama. Its just my eyes was paralyzed/

Your heads so big and round your necks collapsin from the strain

Poor Boy lyrics

I been a poor boy
And now it seems
I always will be
Tho rich in dreams
Ive hatched a hundred
Little golden geese, poor boy
And every one of em stillborn

I had a brother
Partners in play
Unlike each other
As night and day
He went to the river
The river took him away, poor boy
So nightll stay but day is gone

I had a daddy
Softly he spoke
Vicious grand-daddy
His spirit broke

October lyrics

I have enjoyed the summer season this go round
Ive traveled on the wooded trail
The sun was pleasing.
Its benefits were found
In every holler, hill and vale
Still I thrill to feel the ebbing of the heat
When the dog days of August come to heel
Into the shadows at Septembers gentle feet
It brings a joy, but that aint all I feel

Early this morning, I was up before the sun

Midlife Matinee lyrics

Well I went to see a movie
In the middle of the day
Way out where nobody knew me
Coz I called off sick with pay
At the spark of the projector
In the dark I sat me down
Me and three other defectors
To the truant side of town

Old stars and screens
Fall by the way
Meet me in between dreams
At the midlife matinee

Far in front sat a fat man
Who kept one foot in the aisle

Let Their Heads Roll lyrics

Ill let ya in on a secret
That every scoundrel knows
Whether hes perched on a pulpit
Or wrapped in a flag that glows
There aint no savior to break bad behavior
No great judgment day in the sky
Ive got the answer
To corporate cancer
All truth-dodgin dancers
In high places without a soul.
Coz I took a poll

Let their heads roll
Let their heads roll
Into a hole blacker than coal

If I Stood Outside Your Window lyrics

If I stood outside your window
In the middle of the night
Would you banish me?
I have seen the way you look at me
A mix of appetite
And curiosity
I have longed to feel your skin
Though I know the odds are thin
On the one side of the tracks
Youve never been
I stand and gauge the distance

All your peacock-feathered friends
Will tell you: No one who pretends
To high society

I'm Sorry, Jesus lyrics

Now, ever since I was a baby boy
I growed up in a little country church
Where people spake in tongues and jumped for joy
Plywood pews would creak and squeak and lurch
All around me people got the spirit
Fall down on the ground and start to shake
I tried and cried but I could not get near it
My little Pentecostal heart would break

Im sorry, Jesus,
If I displeased you

Honey, When It All Went Wrong lyrics

Do you remember how we used to be?
Together arm in arm in harmony
Whenever one would call the melody
The other one would sing along.
We lost the rhythm of the rhapsody
One of us slipped into a minor key
Gloomy as Episcopalian hymnody
Honey, when it all went wrong.

The crinkles at the edges of your eyes;
Your church bell tone when you apologize;

Every Broken Street lyrics

Every broken street in my old town
Holds a memory of friends
Standin up to fight, or fallin down
Comin round to make amends
We huddled under bridges
As the prisoners of rain
Rode out to the boroughs
In an empty old coal train
Silent in the night
Each to his own feeble dreams of far away
All for play.

Down the wood trail to the river shore
Through the cans and the broken glass

Dreamsicle lyrics

Hes out on the back porch again
Beggin to get in for the night
Nearly broke down the door
And woke the house
If not the neighborhood
I hear mamas mad, weary voice
What about that five-dollar bill?
When you left it was gone.
Now, I bet you know nothin about that.

Yes, I seen it, he said,
But I dont steal from my only daughter.
If Im lyin Im cryin,
And there aint a tear in my eye.

Camille lyrics

Your eyes surprise the explorer
They redefine the word frontier
His wanderlust
Will gather dust
With such a paradise near

Lets be true, Camille,
Like two strangers
Huddled in the ruins of a war
Safe from the jaws
Of martial laws
Soldiers and cause, well abhor

Speak to me, Camille,
Like the ocean
Let your breath stream over my skin
The moon is low
The ebb and flow

Big Brother Johnny lyrics

Were the new kids,
We always the new kids
Were the freshest game in your town
When the neighbood bullies
All come out for the newlies
Think they can push us around.
But were not scared,
We aint gonna scatter,
And we stroll wherever we please
Coz if you so much as touch us,
Gonna wish you was home in your bed
With a fatal disease.

Big brother Johnny

Africa lyrics

Wherever you are in this great big world
You never stray far from my mind.
Did you ever make it to Africa?
You had such a dream in our time.
We'd live in the jungle
You, me, and the kids
Swingin from vine to vine.
Uwa sikelele, Africa.
Cradle of all mankind.

Now, I got a woman whose love is so true
I want to dive in it and drown.
She's mad at the world. At me, too.

Battered Umbrella lyrics

There once was a boy
So alone in his flight
That he took off his wings
And fell into the night
Met a girl with no shoes
At the Last Dance of Hope
Said "If you bring the footstool,
Honey, I'll bring the rope."
So they hung... all their clothes
In a house on a hill
He went on the wagon.
She went off the pill.
And they went to the chapel
In the way lovers will


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