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Singles lyrics - Hangmen 3 lyrics

Holla Back (Holla Boston) lyrics

Verse One:

Yo Yo I launch lyrics like missles

Fully armed like pistols

Shells whistle (whoooosh)
Im tryin to make you miss though

If you come across my path you better tip-toe

Cuz bomb threat, Im Mr. Wolf, who damn sure let the clips go

Its a cold game

Cold mane chizm

I fit the rhythm

Same time I gave you some wisdom

You cant fuck wit the Jesus

Niggas Know lyrics

[Verse 1: Mann Terror]

A ghetto product gunz and narcotics is all we know

the only way to see doe is to live life illegal

token under by the projects bricks and all the drama to

kill the stress niggas inhale the marjunna at a young age
I was letting my gunz blaze out

calling me out you bout to get ya brains blown out

I represent mine with war and semi outo weapons

Rap Star (All I Ever Wanted) lyrics

(Tangg Da Juice)

How many days done passed us, in jail without bail they trying to cast us

On the street corner police harass us

We got guns cause niggas' is trying to blast us

And just because me and my niggas sell cocaine
Don't mean that we dumb niggas wit no brain

It just mean that we hungry need some lomain

You ever heard the saying no pain no gain

So when the doe came

Follow Me (To Murder) lyrics

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Chorus: (Benzino)

Come with me lets (Murder)
Follow me to (Murder)

Come with me lets (Murder)

Follow me to (Murder)

La la la la la la la (Murder)

La la la la la la la (Murder)

(Mr. Gzus)

It's a thrill to me that you niggas want to kill me

I think you all know this saga

They mad cause they wish they had the shit that I had


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