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1. Void - Rurutia / ルルティア

Void Kanji 七つの海を 渡る風がざわめき ほんの一瞬の雲間から光があなたへ降るわ 新しい翼をあげたい 倒れそ ...

2. Volta Pra Mim (Unbreak My Heart) - Il Divo

Não me abandones assim Enlouquecido de amor Quero voltar a sorrir Pra esquecer aquele adeus E uma vez mais Te abraçar Ter pra onde ir Recuper ...

3. Volume Up - 4Minute

♥(¯`»H«´¯)♥ 나를 처음 봤을 땐 눈도 못 땠었던 너 uh uh uh uh 너 uh uh uh uh 쉽다고 싫다며 뒤에서 내 얘길 ?...

4. Voodoo - Adam Lambert

Moon Shine on the bayou Love shrine, break the taboo I wanna know what's in your potion Bound by total devotion I was looking for love all over ...

5. Voodoo Doll - 5 Seconds Of Summer

I don't even like you, Why'd you want to go and make me feel this way? And I don't understand what's happened, I keep saying things I never say. I ca ...

6. Vorale - Gipsy Kings

¤Spanish + Italian¤ Pienso que un sueno parecido no volvera mas Y me pintaba las manos y la cara de azul Y me improviso el viento rapido me ...

7. Voulez-vous - ABBA

Voulez-vous People everywhere A sense of expectation hangin' in the air Giving out a spark Across the room your eyes are glowing in the dark ...

8. Vulnerable - Vanessa Hudgens

Vulnerable Artist: Vanessa Hudgens Composer: Album: Identified When I think about you and me I get a little weak in the kness I feel the flutte ...

9. Vulnerable - Roxette

Everywhere I look I see her smile Her absent-minded eyes And she has kept me wondering for so long How this thing could go wrong. It seems to m ...

10. Vulnerable - Secondhand Serenade

Share with me the blankets that your wrapped in because its cold outside cold outside its cold outside share with me the secrets that you kept in ...

11. VVIP - Seung Ri - Big Bang

나로 말하자면 일단 살짝 take it back 최근에 제일 HOT한 다섯 중 하난데 모두다 빠져대 내가 좀 죽인데 굳이 얘기 ...

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