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1. Roll The Dice (Sam Sam Đến Rồi OST) - Shaine Gao

Sometimes you wonder What if you could rewrite the moment Sometimes you figure Out there's another luck in imperfection Sometimes you've been bored T ...

2. Roll Up - Wiz khalifa

I'll roll up I'll roll up I'll roll up Shawty I roll up I'll roll up I'll roll up I'll roll up [Wiz Khalifa - Verse 1] It's your anniversary ...

3. Roll With It - Backstreet Boys

Roll with it Roll with it (oh yeah) Roll with it You've got to roll with it If you ever feel Like no one cares When you try your best But you ...

4. Roll With Me - Montgomery Gentry

Wake up in the morning Get to living my life Making sure that Im all that I can be Went to church on Sunday There was a moment that came I s ...

5. Roll With The Punches - Lenka

Roll, roll with the punches Roll, roll with the punches That really hurt me Like a fist to the face I wasn't ready To be knocked out of place ...

6. Roll With The Wind - Alexander Rybak

I won’t blame the hurting on you you left in the sweetest way I won't say that it's you Making me feel this way It’s the heart and the soul an ...

7. Rollin' - Kara

========Hangul========= Rollin' Rollin' Dance Rollin' Rollin' Unus Duo Tres Quattuor One Two 맞춰 리듬에 Never Be Alone (Singing Dacing ...

8. Rolling Chances - Raintime

Once again I've breathed the fire Awaking inside those feelings That won't go! I've sensed this before Another weak and cruel desire Bothering ...

9. Rolling In the Deep - Adele

There's a fire starting in my heart, Reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark, Finally, I can see you crystal clear, Go ahead and ...

10. Rolling Star - Yui

ROLLING STAR Kanji もう我慢ばっかしてらんないよ 言いたい事は言わなくちゃ 帰り道夕ぐれのバス停 おちこ?...

11. Roly Poly - Jim Reeves

Roly Poly eatin' corn and taters hungry every minute of the day Roly Poly knowin' all the biscuits long as he can chew it it's okay He can eat an ap ...

12. Roman Holiday (18+) - Nicki Minaj

[Hook: Nicki Minaj as Martha Zolanski] Take your medication, Roman Take a short vacation, Roman You'll be okay (Stop it mother please) You need to kno ...

13. Romance - Supernova

♥♥♥KOREAN LYRIC♥♥♥ I know you’re my everything 너무나 소중한 사람 I can’t never just give it up 사랑을 가르쳐준 ?...

14. Romance (Autumn In My Heart OST) - Unknown

15. Romance Is... - Lights

You're three sides of my eight-sided circle Two lovers juxtaposed with doorways Broken window frames color her eyes in with black lines Let it al ...

16. Romance You - Nathan Walters

I'm moving closer I'm moving slower To the side of your face now And I speak your name now What if I told you I want to hold you, close Right ...

17. Romantic - SHINee

너 아니면 안되는 걸 (ROMANTIC) [MinHo]Yeah, my girl 내가 바보야 잊을 수 없는 너의 사랑이 마지막 눈물이 나의 온 ...

18. Romantic Balcony - Michael Learns To Rock

The sun is almost down and we are both enjoying the sound of the ocean softly brushing against the land We are sleeping you and me with a smell ...

19. Romantic Warriors - Modern Talking

In the nights of lost and found Many strangers are around You're nobody until someone will love you You can't make it on your own When you standin ...

20. Romeo & Juliet - Hey!Say!JUMP

Kanji: 僕はRomeo 僕もRomeo 僕がRomeo 君に愛を伝えるよ 叫ぶ名前はJuliet Juliet!!! 遊びたい 笑いたい 見つ?...

21. Romeo (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus) - Dolly Parton

A cross between a movie star And a hero in a book Romeo comes struttin' in And everybody looks 'Cause he's just got that special thang That ...

22. Romeo And Juliet - Dire Straits

NARRATOR: A love-struck Romeo sings the streets a serenade Laying everybody low with a love song that he made. Finds a streetlight, steps out of th ...

23. Romeo and Juliet - Moon Hee Jun

Gudeyege hagophun mal sarangheyo saranghandan malpunijyo we motudjyo nega han mal uri soro darun gire so inungogejyo Andwe andwe we aphaman heyo ...

24. Ronan - Taylor Swift

I remember your bare feet down the hallway, I remember your little laugh Race cars on the kitchen floor Plastic dinosaurs I love you to the moon and b ...

25. Ronnie And Clyde (Ft. Rihanna) - The Lonely Island

Rihanna: We've done the work, we know the system. We have the firepower and we have each other You ready? Ronnie: Murmers unconvincingly Rihan ...

26. Rooftops - Lost Prophets

When our time is up, When our lives are done, Will we say we've had our fun? Will we make a mark, This time. Will we always say we tried. ...

27. Room 21 - Hinder

She said nice to meet you But she didn't tell me her name With red lipstick and pale pink boots This bitch just blew me away Cocktails later She ...

28. Room Of Angel - Akira Yamaoka

You lie silent there before me Your tears mean nothing to me now The wind howling at the window The Love you never gave I give to you Really do ...

29. Room To Grow - Adrienne Young

She's a buckskin baby made of silk and steel Daughter of her Mother's heart Dyed in the wool Future farmer of a brand new start She could've been ...

30. Rooting For My Baby - Miley Cyrus

When you wake in the morning and I can tell it’s not your best side No good morning today I stay to the right if I know you’re mad You’re on the ...

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