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1. Qing Tian Wa Wa - Blackie Girls

--------ENGTRANS-------- Qing Tian Wa Wa My sky is silently raining You that I love the most,where have you been? I look at the 60th raining se ...

2. Qiu Fo - Cầu Phật - Thệ Ngôn

求佛 歌手:誓言 专辑:我的誓言 当月光洒在我的脸上 我想我就快变了摸样 有一种叫做撕心裂肺的汤 喝了?...

3. Qualia (ft.Hatsune Miku) - Hachi

==Kanji== 真っ白な世界には、何もありません。 空も、夕飯の献立も、犬も、水平線も、大地も、お母さんも、?...

4. Quand le film est triste - Sylvie Vartan

Quand le film est triste ça me fait pleurer ce soir j'ai du travail, il m'a dit "sors sans moi" je m'en suis allée toute seule au cinéma les a ...

5. Quand Revient l'éte - Najoua Belyzel

Quand revient l'éte I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you Mon amie, au mois de mai, vient le moment où je renais Mon chagrin s'en es ...

6. Quando Quando Quando - Michael Buble

Quando, Quando, Quando Lyrics Tell me when will you be mine Tell me quando quando quando We can share a love devine Please don't make me wait ag ...

7. Que Sera - Miley Cyrus

(Ha) (Whatever will be, will be) [Verse 1] Delete me from your friends, I don't care what you think Let's forget we ever met, Don't you worry bo ...

8. Que Sera - Justice Crew

At the end of the day Some you win, some you don’t So I’m glad that I’m here With some friends that I know Always there with a smile Saying you?...

9. Que Sera Sera - Doris Day

Doris Day Que Sera Sera When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, what will I be Will I be pretty, will I be rich Here's what she said ...

10. Queen - Son Dam Bi

==Kanji== Oh ladies, this is your story 잘 듣고 널 찾아봐, hey listen 더 높은 네 kill heels, 네 over denim loo-looks 손끝엔 빛?...

11. Queen Of Mars - Ashley Tisdale

I was just a lonely girl Looking for a little fun Though without a friend in the world I was forced to find a new one Now I'm the queen of Mars ...

12. Queen Of My Heart - Westlife

Queen of My Heart So here we stand In our secret place Where the sound of the crowd Is so far away You take my hand And it feels like home We both un ...

13. Queen Of Rain - Roxette

Title: Queen Of Rain In that big big house there are fifty doors and one of them leads to your heart. In the time of spring i passed your gate and ...

14. Queen Of The Night - Whitney Houston

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT I've got the stuff that you want I've got the thing that you need I've got more than enough to make you drop to your knees ' ...

15. Quelqu'un m'a dit - Carla Bruni

Quelqu'un m'a dit... On me dit que nos vies ne valent pas grand chose Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses. On me dit que le temps ...

16. Quelque Chose Dans Mon Coeur - Elsa

Mes parents me voient trop p'tite mes copains me grandissent trop vite même si je leur tiens encore la main quelque chose me tire vers demain qua ...

17. Quelque part - Sheryfa Luna

Quelque part Ecris-moi une autre histoire Emmène-moi quelque part Invente-moi un monde à part Emmène-moi quelque part Je garde les yeux ou ...

18. Question - Fly To The Sky

날 닮은 누군가와 마주치는 날엔 한참동안 멈춰 서 있는지 옛 생각에 젖는지 늘 나처럼 웃고 말하던 닮은 ?...

19. Question Existing - Rihanna

Question Existing Rihana Take off my shirt. Loosen the buttons and undo my skirt, Stare at myself in the mirror Take me apart peace by peace, So ...

20. Qui Sait, Qui Sait, Qui Sait - Les Sœurs Étienne

Tu jures que tu m’aimes Bien plus que moi je t’aime Pourtant je dis quand même Qui sait, qui sait, qui sait Tu dis que sur la terre C’est moi ...

21. Qui Saura - Mike Brant

Vous mes amis, tant de fois vous me dites, Que d'ici peu je ne serai plus triste, J'aimerais bien vous croire un jour, Mais j'en doute avec raison, ...

22. Quicksand - Britney Spears

I still see your coast hangin' on the door, Never let anybody put one there before My pillow's got your head printed on it Baby, of all the guys yo ...

23. Quicksand Jesus - Skid Row

Quicksand Jesus She caught the melting sky It burned but still the winter passes by and by To the other side A slow parade of wind That blow ...

24. Quiet - Demi Lovato

*Lyrics: I hear what you're not saying It's driving me crazy It's like we stopped breathing in this room We're both the last to be leaving I ...

25. Quiet Nights - Diana Krall

Quiet nights of quiet stars Quiet cords from my guitar Floating on the silence that surrounds us Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams Quiet walks ...

26. Quiet Of The Night - Nathan Walters

Bright lights flash Angels, vastly move across the sky Singing Hallelujah in the night Voices ring There's a heavenly awakening Honoring the co ...

27. Quiet Times - Dido

You ask me where I go tonight I go back to today last year Me and you had to make each other happier now theres hope with everything Its hard e ...

28. Quit Breaking My Heart - Mandy Moore

You were my first slow dance Thought that we had a chance But together it was too hard for you Hanging out with your friends And I accepted th ...

29. Quitter - Carrie Underwood

Here’s how it goes Boy meets girl, girl leaves boy That’s all I know ‘Cuz throughout my history I’ve only been with jerks Who couldn’ ...

30. Quizás - Enrique Iglesias

Hola viejo dime cómo estás, los años pasan y no hemos vuelto a hablar y no quiero que te pienses que me he olvidado de tí. Yo por mi parte no ...

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