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1. N.M.P - No More Pain - Kat-Tun

~~~~~~ Kanji ~~~~~~ [Koki] Yeah 2010 N.M.P If tomorrow is the end of the world I'm gonna be, always here Let's go [Kame] WHERE IS THE ...

2. Na Na Na - One Direction

"Na Na Na" [Verse 1] [Liam] We've got a bit of love/hate You take me to the edge then you hit the breaks I say it's over one day, But then I'm crawli ...

3. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) - My Chemical Romance

The future is bulletproof The aftermath is secondary It's time do it now And do it loud Killjoys make some noise Na na na na na na na na Dru ...

4. Nada Sou Sou (English ver) - Hayley Westenra

Turning the pages of old photographs I whisper thanks to each and every one Deep in my heart you have come, come to Live Sure as the sun to see me ...

5. Nagareboshi He/流れ星へ/Gửi Sao Băng - Three Lights

Search for Your Love Search for Your Love きみはいつも かがやいてた 笑颜ひとつ ちいさな星 大切にしてたよ (永远 ...

6. Nagging (We Fell In Love 2) ( ft 2AM Seulong) - IU/아이유/Lee Ji Eun

Nagging ♪ 잔소리 ============KOREAN============ 늦게 다니지좀 마 술은 멀리좀 해봐 열살짜리 애처럼 말을 안듣니 ...

7. Naive - Lily Allen

I'm not saying it was your fault, although you could done more oh your so naive yes so how could this be done your such a smiling sweetheart oh an ...

8. Naked - Avril Lavigne

I wake up in the morning Put on my face The one that's gonna get me Through another day Doesn't really matter How I feel inside 'Cause life is l ...

9. Naked - Leona Lewis

You could have left me on a firday Would have loved to had least had the weekend To go under and To stay under To get better To stay better Bu ...

10. Naked (Ft. Enrique Iglesias) - Dev

You got a girl That doesn’t look a thing like me The girl, your mother always said it would be So, you could say that, you could say that I’m hope ...

11. Naked As We Came - Iron & Wine

She says "wake up, it's no use pretending" I'll keep stealing, breathing her. Birds are leaving over autumn's ending One of us will die inside these ...

12. Naked Like the Moon - Michael Learns To Rock

I catch a word of the universal rhyme in the summertimes in the summertimes The river flows and I wonder where it goes only heaven knows only heave ...

13. Nameless Memories (Heo Young Seang) - SS501

==Korean== 난 함께한 시간 속에 너를 꺼내어본다 오래된 시간 속 너와의 기억 지나온 이름없는 기억 너와 함 ...

14. Nami No Yukusaki (Keizoku 2: SPEC OST) - The Ricecookers

I'm one step behind every step you take Each time I reach it just seems to fade away But with every speck of light, I fight the breaking need to try D ...

15. Namida No Monogatari/ The Story of The Tears - Yuri Chika

How did I fall in love with you? What can I do to make you smile? I''m always here if you''re thinking of The story of the tears from your eyes ...

16. Nanairo No Ashita / Brand New Beat - BoA

Feel my brand new beat 七色の表情で想いを描くから So cool... So bright... (I)feel so good So cool... So bright... (I)feel so goo ...

17. Naperegonki / Hаперегонки - Zhasmin / Жасмин

Naperegonki / Hаперегонки **Russian: Зашифрованы слова, Мысли связаны едва Губы шепчут: « ...

18. Nasty - Janet Jackson

Gimme a beat! Sittin' in the movie show Thinkin' nasty thoughts Better be a gentlemen Or you turn me off That's right, a-let me tell it Nasty, n ...

19. Nasty Letter (Public Enemies Soundtrack) - Otis Taylor

Somebody wrote me, a nasty letter, But they didn't, sign their name I think I know, I know who wrote it Well I recognize, recognize that hand Its ...

20. Natalie - Ola

Natalie (singer: Ola Svensson) Whoa! Ooohh You really got me now You get me out of my mind I dream a little louder I gotta know tonight ...

21. Nathalie - Thomas Anders

It’s in the way (that) you talk In the way (that) you walk See the fire is in your eyes (Your) Every look is a tease You got me begging you plea ...

22. National Anthem - Lana Del Rey

Money is the anthem Of success So before we go out What's your address? I'm your national anthem God, you're so handsome Take me to the Hamptons Buga ...

23. Natural - S Club 7

Loving you is not just luck or illusion It's in the make-up of our DNA It's not by chance, we make the perfect solution Don't fight it baby, you know ...

24. Natural Disaster - Plain White T's

She said she saw me on TV This girl's a legend in the late night scene And you can see she aimed to please Cause she just wouldn't take her eyes of ...

25. Naturally - Selena Gomez

How you choose to express yourself It's all your own and I can tell It comes naturally, it comes naturally You follow what you feel inside It's ...

26. Nature's Law - Embrace Band (From UK)

I tried to fight the feeling, the feeling took me down I struggle and I lost the day you knocked me out Now everything's got meaning, the meanings bri ...

27. Naughty Girl - Beyoncé Knowles

Naughty Girl(Beyoncé Knowles) I Love To Love You Baby (I Love To Love You Baby) I Love To Love You Baby (I Love To Love You Baby) I’m Feelin ...

28. Nazo Nazo - RADWIMPS

==Kanji== 内側からは君にだけしか見えないのに 外からは僕にしか見えないものはなーんだ 君からは決して離れ ...

29. Ne me quitte pas - Jacques Brel

Ne me quitte pas Paroles et Musique: Jacques Brel 1959 Ne me quitte pas Il faut oublier Tout peut s'oublier Qui s'enfuit déjà Oublie ...

30. Ne T'en Va Pas - Sheryfa Luna

Tes images volées un rêve qui t’éloigne de moi Tu as peur de cette vie, de mes choix Que je ne sois plus là pour toi Fait comme moi Ignoré ...

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