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1. '74 - '75 - The Connells

Got no reason for coming to me and the rain running down. There’s no reason. And the same voice coming to me like it’s all slowin down. And bel ...

2. Best of Me - Daniel Powter

Best of me I wasn't mean the wrong way Won't you do me the right way Where you gonna be tonight Coz I won't stay too long Maybe you're th ...

3. Kiss the girl (OST: The little mermaid) - Ashley Tisdale

Kiss the girl (Aaaah Kiss the girl) (Kiss the girl) There you see her Sitting there across the way She don't got a lot to say But there's s ...

4. Day is Done - Peter, Paul & Mary

Day is Done Tell me why you're crying, my son I know you're frightened, like everyone Is it the thunder in the distance you fear? Will it help i ...

5. Just because of you - US5

Just because of you Just Because of You,I´m crying in sadness Just because of us, I feel like I come dying So I´m beggin you, wantin you, calli ...

6. The Door Is Still Open To My Heart - Dean Martin

The Door Is Still Open To My Heart (The door is still open to my heart) I must confess that I cry from loneliness And the door is still open to m ...

7. Beginning - SNSD(girls' generation)

((¯`'•.¸♥__EngTrans__♥¸.•'´¯)) Do you know the day we first me, We saw each other as if it was fate, But honestly, I was waiting be ...

8. Tears - SNSD(girls' generation)

((¯`'•.¸♥__EngTrans__♥¸.•'´¯)) Tears The white starlight, the black darkness is pushing me away from far When i look at you wit ...

9. The War Is Not Over - Michael Learns To Rock

The War Is Not Over - Michael Learns To Rock I slowly walk on town into the night to see how dreams of people dies they gently fall from windows ...

10. Sweet Dream - Jang Nara / 장나라

Sweet Dream It's gonna be another day with the sunshine haet sal eun na yeh chang eul bal ge bi choo go ban jjeum noon eul ddut seul ddaen geu da ...

11. Mother Nature (Sweet Dream 2) (ft. Little Trees) - Christian Wunderlich

When Mother nature cries a tear - I'll breathe again Her tears are falling but they still - don't understand We should take another look - at her hi ...

12. The Answer To Our Life - Backstreet boys

You see me sitting here, a smile upon my face The time has come but you know that it's not too late There's been too many things, together we have ...

13. The Boy Does Nothing - Alesha Dixon

The Boy Does Nothing I got a man with two left feet And when he dances down to the beat I really think that he should know Th ...

14. 30 Minutes - t.A.t.U

(Yulia)Mama, Papa forgive me [Lena] Out of sight, Out of mind Out of time, To decide Do we run?, Should I hide? For the rest, Of My life Yu ...

15. Smile - Lily Allen

When you first left me I was wanting more But you were fucking that girl next door, what cha do that for (what cha do that for) When you first left ...

16. Knife - Rockwell

Knife - Rockwell You touched my life With your softness in the night My wish was your command Until you ran out of love I tell myself I’m ...

17. Earth Angel - New Edition

Earth angel, Earth angel Will you be mine My darling dear Love you all the time I'm just a fool, A fool in love, with you Earth Angel Earth ...

18. You're the Inspiration - Chicago

You know our love was meant to be The kind of love that lasts forever And I want you here with me From tonight until the end of time You sho ...

19. Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon

I can't fight this feeling any longer. And yet I'm still afraid to let it flow. What started out as friendship, Has grown stronger. I only wish I ...

20. How Can I Tell You - Belle Perez

You're lightyears away from me As if I have always known I'm slowly losing my mind you see I can't face life on my own I hear your voice And for ...

21. Say You Say Me - Lionel Richie

Say You, Say Me Say you, say me - Say it for always That's the way it should be Say you, say me - Say it together naturally! I had a dream I had ...

22. The First Noel - Josh Groban

The first noel the angels did say, was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay, in fields where they lay keeping their sheep on a cold wint ...

23. Lonely Satellite - Michael Learns To Rock

LONELY SATELLITE How can you think it's right to treat me like you do You're so careless with the truth How can we make it back if you can't make ...

24. Oh My Love - John Lennon

Oh my love for the first time in my life my eyes are wide open Oh my lover for the first time in my life my eyes can see I see the wind oh ...

25. L'oiseau et l'enfant - Marie Maryam

Comme un enfant aux yeux de lumière Qui voit passer au loin les oiseaux Comme l'oiseau bleu survolant la terre Vois comme le monde, le monde est b ...

26. Last Name - Carrie Underwood

Last Name Last night, I got served a little bit too much of that poison, baby Last night, I did things I'm not proud of And I got a little crazy ...

27. Four seasons in one day - Akcent

I remember those times that we shared The moment I brought you your breakfast in bed I still hear your voice in my head When you used to whisper yo ...

28. How Can I Tell You - Cat Stevens

How can I tell you that I love you, I love you But I can't think of right words to say I long to tell you that I'm always thinking of you I'm alway ...

29. You Found Me - The Fray

I found God on the corner of First in Amistad where the west was all but one. All alone, smoking his last cigarette, I said "where you been?" He ...

30. Kissing You - Des'ree

Pride can stand A thousand Trials The Strong will never fall But watching Stars without You My Soul cried Grieving heart is full of Pain of, of ...

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