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1. Honesty - Billy Joel

If you search for tenderness It isn't hard to find. You can have the love you need to live. But if you look for truthfulness You might just as ...

2. Tonight And Forever - B3

Another night another day your heart is still so far away And I want you girl I need your love I never felt this way before And now I know t ...

3. I Need You (ft. Faith Hill) - Tim McGraw

(Tim) I wanna drink that shot of whiskey I wanna smoke that cigarette I wanna smell that sweet addiction, on my breath I wanna ride across West Vi ...

4. My Best Friend - Tim McGraw

I never had no one I could count on I’ve been let down so many times I was tired of hurtin’ So tired of searchin’ ’til you walked into my ...

5. Day N Nite (ft. Crookers) - Kid CuDi

Day n nite. I toss and turn, I keep stressin’ my mind, mind. I look for peace, but see I don’t attain. What I need for keeps this silly game we ...

6. More Than Love - Wet Wet Wet

Every morning I take a chance, it might not come around But it's maybe coming later A preacher man on my t.v. Says he's got the streets for me And ...

7. After The Love Goes - Wet Wet Wet

Been a year since I last saw Mary, When she said goodbye She cast a spell on my intentions Oh that's the reason why, Taking my thoughts from my bo ...

8. Forgot about Dre - Eminem

Artist: dr. dre f/ eminem[dr. dre] Y’all know me, still the same o.g., but I been low key Hated on by most these niggaz wit no cheese, no deals an ...

9. Miwodo Dashi Hanbon Man [Super Junior] - Vibe (바이브)

----Korean Lyric---- 잘지내고 있는 거겠죠 좀처럼 연락이 없네요 요즘 많이 바쁜가봐요 이미 다른사람 품에 ?...

10. She Can't Get Enough - Big Bang

오! 날 그렇게 보지 말아 내게 다가오려 하지마 너를 사랑이라 믿고 있는 친구를 위해 그를 품에 안고서 나를 ?...

11. Stay The Same - Joey McIntyre

Chorus Don't you ever wish you were someone else, You were meant to be the way you are exactly. Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are. ...

12. You Got It All - Britney Spears

I was the game he would play He brought the clouds to my day Then like a ray of light You came my way one night Just one look and I knew You woul ...

13. The Darkest Nights - As I Lay Dying

For so long I Have felt alone Content to live with unrest Longing faded into countless Nights that buried my Weary heart You brought an end To ...

14. Forever - As I Lay Dying

Forever, your eyes will hold the memory. I saw your heart as it overtook me. We tried so hard to understand and reason But in that one moment, I ga ...

15. Rendered In Vain - Zonaria

RENDERED IN VAIN VENGEANCE! Burn it in my eyes FREE ME! So I can rise again To bring death to your soul And strike you down, rip the skin of ...

16. Girls - Se7en

[Intro] Yeah, it’s another Darkchild…Production And my homie Se7en, let’s go I like them girls that’s hard to get I like them girls, ...

17. Baby Baby ( Version Last Farewell ) - Big Bang

Big Bang is Back! Most definitely incredible (hey move) B to the I to the G (Bang Bang) x3 ABOUT LOVE Chorus: I don't wanna be without you girl ...

18. Dancing Dead - Avenged Sevenfold

Dead men, They celebrate As the final chapter Fades away Cuz they can't hide; We can see their flesh is rotten! The band plays a hopeful ...

19. 長崎の蝶々さん - Nagasaki No Chochosan - Misora Hibari/美空ひばり

長崎の蝶々さん - Nagasaki no chochosan 肥前長崎 港町 異人屋敷の たそがれは なぜかさびしい 振袖人形 恋 ...

20. 赤とんぼ - Aka Tombo - Yuki Saori / 由紀さおり

夕焼け小焼けの赤とんぼ 負われてみたのはいつの日か 山の畑の桑の実を 小かごに 摘んだは まぼろしか ...

21. Loneliness Knows Me By Name - Westlife

Loneliness Knows Me By Name Loneliness is always looking for a friend It found me once and it has been around since then Loneliness is never wai ...

22. Call Me When You Get This - Corinne Bailey Rae

Call Me When You Get This How does it feel being in these arms? What's it really like to be loved? I've been alone now, how long? Have you ev ...

23. School - Nirvana

(x4) Wouldn't you believe it It's just my luck (x3) No recess (x4) Wouldn't you believe it It's just my luck (x3) No recess (x8) ...

24. Cos I Believe - Lemon Ice

Just another day has gone she’s sitting here all alone staring at the window pain try to figure out why he’s done This pain is so deep insi ...

25. Running Back (ft. Flo Rida) - Jessica Mauboy

These days you barely even say my name, Like you don't really feel the same, I'm wondering what's to blame, These nights I fall asleep wondering ...

26. From Where You Are - Lifehouse

From Where You Are So far away from where you are These miles have torn us world's apart And I miss you Yeah, I miss you So far away from ...

27. Devoid Of Caring - Insomnium

With this fall (I fall...) great grey clouds covered the sky Dimming the light of sun, muting stars and crescent moon Lost inside the world of gloom ...

28. The Killjoy - Insomnium

To know love is to ache; hurt yourself and repent For in the end all is gone; lights go out, your time is spent If I were you I would retract an ...

29. Drawn To Black - Insomnium

Wreathed in silence, laid down in shades Swathed in regrets, deluded astray Forgotten in half-light, drawn in despair Soothed in slumber so dreadfu ...

30. Undone - Lifehouse

"Undone" - Lifehouse I can see in your eyes you're hurting But pain is part of learning who you are All these truths can sometimes be deceiving ...

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