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1. Fuchs Du Hast Die Gans Gestohlen -

Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen, gib sie wieder her, gib sie wieder her, I: sonst wird dich der Jäger holen mit dem Schießgewehr :I Seine ...

2. She’s A Dream - Backstreet Boys

Shorty ain't got cable, She don't even got a radio, way more than able. What kinda girl should I take her for? The perfect kind, just what I like, ...

3. International - Backstreet Boys

Away Internationally Away Chorus: Away I just wanna take you everywhere that I go Girl I want you in a plane in a seat right next to mine Get ...

4. Les Promesses - Vox Angeli

Les Promesses . J’ai fait bien peu de voyages, Je n’ai vu que quelques printemps. Mais quelques soient les visages, L’amour n’est pas dif ...

5. Fallen Angel - Backstreet Boys

I wanna know (4x)] Yeah, I wanna know [I wanna know (4x)] I wanna know You had me fooled You were so good at that I'm so unglued Too many piec ...

6. Here and now - Luther Vandross

when I look in your eyes there I see Just what you mean to me Here in my heart I believe Your love is all I'll ever need Holdin' you close thro ...

7. Song for the unloved - Backstreet Boys

Hey.. This one's for the mothers… Who have lost a child This one is for the gypsies Who left their hearts behind This is for the strange ...

8. Eventually - M2M

Open your eyes Undo the seem It's not like before It's not just a dream A hint of a smile As your hand touches mine No longer alone I feel th ...

9. How Do You Sleep - Jesse McCartney

How Do You Sleep Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh It’s been about a year now Ain’t seen or heard from you I been missin’ you c ...

10. 周杰伦- 千山萬水 / Qian Shan Wan Shui / A Long Journey / Thiên Sơn Vạn Thủy - Jay Chou / Châu Kiệt Luân / 周杰伦

千山萬水 無數黑夜 qian shan wan shui wu shu hei ye Over mountains and oceans, and countless of dark nights, 等一輪明月 deng yi lun ...

11. Like me - Girlicious -

U U Ay U U Ay U U Ay U U Ay U U Can Keep On Watchin Me U U Ay U U Ay U U Ay U U Ay U U Can Keep On Watchin Me [Nichole:] Look At Me I Know I'm Fl ...

12. Bring Me Down - Lenka

So, here we are again staring at the end of what we made and who we are Never knowing when One of us will break apart and walk the other way love, ...

13. Gone With The Wind - SG Wannabe

집착은 사랑이 아니야 기다림도 사랑이 아니야 헛된 기대는 사랑이 아니야 이젠 난 어쩌란 말야 바람처럼 사라?...

14. Lovers In Japan / Reign of Love - ColdPlay

Lovers, keep on the road your on Runners, until the race is run Soldiers, you've got to soldier on Sometimes even right is wrong They are turnin ...

15. Girl You Shine - Aaron Carter

I see you every day and I can't seem to think of anything to say Do you baby How can that be that it breaks my heart when you're smilin at me ...

16. Window In The Skies - U2

The shackles are undone The bullet’s quit the gun The heat that’s in the sun Will keep us when theres none The rule has been disproved The st ...

17. Live Like You're Dying - Lenka

One of these days you’ll be under the covers you’ll be under the table and you’ll realize all of your days are numbered; all of them one to ...

18. Under The Gun - Axel Rudi Pell

(They) searched for love under the moonlight Sailed on the storm, they touched the sea (All) hell broke loose, they felt the cold wind blow On the ...

19. July Morning - Axel Rudi Pell

There I was on a July morning I was looking for love With the strength of a new day dawning And the beautiful sun At the sound of the first bird ...

20. Lay Down Beside Me - Backstreet Boys

"Lay Down Beside Me" Something about the way you moved That caught my eye I really did have to try it, yes I can't deny it The way your body sw ...

21. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) - P!nk

Go away Give me a chance to miss you Say goodbye It'll make me want to kiss you I love you so Much more when you're not here Watchin all the bad ...

22. Nobody Knows - P!nk

Nobody knows Nobody knows but me That I sometimes cry If I could pretend that I'm asleep When my tears start to fall I peek out from behind these ...

23. You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson

Written and Composed by R. Kelly. Produced by R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. Another day has gone I'm still all alone How could this be You're n ...

24. 天堂 / Tian Tang (Paradise) - Guang Liang / Michael Wong / 光良

Tian Tang qian zhao ni zai tian kong fei xiang zhe yang kan shi jie bu yi yang you le ni zai shen pang xiao de lian pang shi jie huo xu jiu zhe ...

25. 有一个姑娘她 / You Yi Ge Gu Niang / Có Một Cô Nàng (Hoàn Châu Công Chúa OST) - Vicky Zhao / 赵薇 / Zhao Wei / Triệu Vi

有一个姑娘她 有一个姑娘她有一些任性她还有一些� �张 有一个姑娘她有一些叛逆她还有一些� �狂 没事 ...

26. Only You Can Love Me This Way - Keith Urban

Well, I know there\'s a reason And I know there\'s a rhyme We were meant to be together And that\'s why We can roll with the punches We can str ...

27. Anything i'm not - Lenka

Anything I'm Not lyrics I will never be, I will never be tall, no And I will never be, never ever be sure of it all Oh, why is the world so cruel ...

28. Diary - Bread

Diary I found her diary underneath a tree. and started reading about me/ The words she's written took me by surpise, you'd never read th ...

29. God Is A DJ - Pink

Verse 1: I've been the girl with her skirt pulled high Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes Now I see the world as a candy store With ...

30. Stuttering - Bens Brother

It's been, it's been, it's been, it's been su-su-such a long time, long time, long time since anybody touched me, touched me, touched me the way th ...

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