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1. Loser - Dolores O'riordan

I'm sick and tired of people like you You think you're clever but you haven't a clue (what can you do?) A two watt light bulb is brighter than ...

2. Year 3000 - Jonas Brothers

YEAR 3000 One day when I came home at lunchtime, I heard a funny noise. Went out to the back yard to find out if it was, One of those rowdy bo ...

3. Cry Me A River - Susan Boyle

Now you say you’re lonely You cry the whole night through Well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river I cried a river over you Now you say yo ...

4. Hypnotic Dancefloor - BoA

Burn it up, B-B-B-Burn it up on this hypnotic dance floor I feel like an atomic bomb about to detonate When I hear the beating drum, I just wanna ...

5. Maniacal (20+) - Cannibal Corpse

MANIACAL Rage, taking control of my mind Driving me to Kill without mercy I see red Blood on My hands My knife Crazed, boiling blood pumps t ...

6. Never Again - SS501

내게 말을 하지 그랬니 네 곁에 다른 사람 생겼다는 사실 모든 걸 받아들이기엔 내가 죽고 싶을 만큼 아픈 일이 ...

7. A Little Bit (Boys Over Flower OST) - Seo Jin Young

----------- Romanization : seulpeojimyeon kkochyanggireul matjyo geuriun geudae hyanggireul manjyeoyo georireul georeoyo barame seuchiun geuda ...

8. Again and Again - 2PM

Korean [준수] Again and again and again and again [재범] Again and again and again and again [우영] 이렇게 왜 내가 또 너의 집?...

9. Bigger - Backstreet Boys

First off I cant keep a promise Im no one to count on at all Add on that Im a coward To scared to return your calls Chorus But you dont care Y ...

10. I Saw Her Again - The Mamas And The Papas

I saw her again last night and you know that I shouldn't To string her along's just not right if I couldn't I wouldn't But what can I do, I'm lo ...

11. Broken - Lindsey Haun

BROKEN BRIDGES - Lindsay Haun Wake up to a sunny day, not a cloud up in the sky Then it starts to rain, my defenses hit the ground And they shatter ...

12. Bye Bye - SS501

Bye Bye Baby Bye 오늘 하루도 또 네 꿈속에 몰래 나타나 Bye Bye Baby Bye 내 품 안에 꼭 안아줄게 my love 너를 데려주고 ...

13. They Deserve To Die (18+) - Cannibal Corpse

THEY DESERVE TO DIE Violence is legitimate is causes such as this Cruel retribution is fitting Vengeance will be dealt out with ruthless iron fis ...

14. Here's Where The Story Ends - The Sundays

people I know, places I go, make me feel tongue-tied I can see how people look down, they're on the inside here's where the story ends people I see ...

15. Apado - Koyote

아파도 나 너의 손을 놓지 않을래 하늘이 가져간 나의 사랑을 숨이 막히도록 그리움이 죄여오지만 눈물은 삼켜 ...

16. Winter - Stratovarius

Winter Silence is all I hear Blackness fills my world Midwinter days and lonely nights Depression takes over my frozen mind Morning starts ...

17. My Girl - SS501

내가 처음 무대위에 서있을때 날 지켜 봐주던 my girl~나의 떨리던 목소리 너는 듣고 있었지~ My~girl 내게 온 힘겨?...

18. Touched - BoA

Saw you standing in the dark and I like your energy I'm feeling you way from afar, boy you're distracting me My heart is racing, body's aching, and ...

19. Happy Virus (ft. Shorry J) - Kim Jong Kook

어떻게 내가 널 찾게 됐는지 내가 참 착하게 살아왔는지 누구나 한번은 행운이 오나봐 넌 내게 선물인걸 스?...

20. Goodbye To You - The Veronicas

Those times I waited for you seem so long ago I wanted you far too much to ever let you go You know you never got by "I feel it too" And I guess I ...

21. Something Right - Michael Learns To Rock

Ive seen my chances come And go How they escape me Ill never know Ive had the answers there in my hand I just didnt understand Now lady luck has ...

22. Soldier Side - System Of A Down

Dead men lying on the bottom of their graves Wondering when saviour comes Is he gonna be saved ? Maybe you're a sinner into your alternate life ? ...

23. Devine - Vox Angeli

Devine donne moi une seconde rien qu'une pour pouvoir avec toi faire bouger ce monde d'infortune où plus rien ne va les hommes brûlen ...

24. Calling - Geri Halliwell

The sun is going down on me As she surrenders to the sea So steal the night and fly with me I'm calling, I'm calling The moon is high on me and yo ...

25. Rebirth - Fairyland

REBIRTH In the shade of willows and elms A cold wind blows and carries my tale A tale of rebirth, a season's change And spring will shine again ...

26. Crush - David Archuleta

Crush I hung up the phone tonight, something happened for the first time, deep inside It was a rush, what a rush Cause the possibility that you ...

27. Question Existing - Rihanna

Question Existing Rihana Take off my shirt. Loosen the buttons and undo my skirt, Stare at myself in the mirror Take me apart peace by peace, So ...

28. The Discipline Of Revenge - Cannibal Corpse

THE DISCIPLINE OF REVENGE Patience is my ally Design should not be rushed Aspersions long forgotten Never left my mind My rage must be contro ...

29. Death Walking Terror - Cannibal Corpse

DEATH WALKING TERROR I am the black thoughts of the night Deep in the darkness of your mind Shrouded in shadow, the mental torture In the realm ...

30. T.O.P - Shinhwa

----Phiên âm----- What you gonna do? What I gotta do? Keep me up and makin' a cash, in flash, at last Do you wanna see the light or stand alone ...

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