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1. My Ears Candy (내귀에 캔디)- (Ft 2P.M Taekyeon) - Baek Ji Young

KOREAN 니가 원하는 그 말이 뭐야 내게 말해봐 니가 무슨 말을 해준데도 나는 날아가 제일 달콤한 그 말을 원?...

2. I Promise - Stacie Orrico

I promise Will I always be there for you When you need someone Will I be that one you need Will I do all my best to To protect you When the tear ...

3. Broken - Secondhand Serenade

In the moonlight Your face it glows Like a thousand diamonds I suppose And your hair flows like The ocean breeze Not a million fights Could m ...

4. Ready For The Storm - Aoife Ní Fhearraigh

The waves crash in the tide rolls out It's an angry sea but there is no doubt That the lighthouse will keep shining out To warn a lonely sailor An ...

5. Jjarajajja - Ju Hyun Mi & Seo Hyun - SNSD (Girls' Generation)

짜라자짜 Jjarajajja [Davichi featured in the chorus] [JuHyunMi]사랑이 좋아 보여서 그대가 좋아보여서 [JuHyunMi]sarangi joha ...

6. Teardrop - Massive Attack

(love)love is a verb Love is a doing word Fearless on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter Fearless on my breath Teardrop on ...

7. Superstar - Cherish

Don't have to take my hair out of my ponytail Don't have to change my style or come out the clothes I wear Because of you I'm able to get through th ...

8. I Love You - Rhymastic

Singer: Young Crizzal feat. Rhymastic Dedicated to : Lil' Kani Instrument by: Rhymastic [Verse 1] Today is the special day for me to show The ...

9. Waiting For You (Fan Song) - Unknown

*Waiting for you* (Fan song) 고개숙인 니 사진을 보며 gogaesogin ni sajinŭl bomyŏ 나도 모르게 울컥 눈물이 nado morŭge ulk ...

10. Scars - Natalie Imbruglia

Is this part, is this part, Of the process, of the process? Can I find another way ‘round, Other way round, round the pain? Cuz you’ve left me ...

11. Hero/Heroine - Boys Like Girls

It's too late baby, there's no turning around I've got my hands in my pocket and my head in a cloud This is how I do When I think about you I neve ...

12. Snowblind - Rob Thomas

Snowblind Rob Thomas -CHORUS- i think we're snowblind we've had a hard time and we can't see where we are spending our whole lives walkin ...

13. Let's Drink - Korpiklaani

Little red house, potato field. Little forest, lake as far as you can see. Woodshed, for my home brewed beer, perfect place for drunkards like me ...

14. Take Me As I Am - Mary J. Blige

v 1 She's been down and out She's been wrote about She's been talked about constantly She's been up and down She's been pushed around But they ...

15. Happy Little Boozer - Korpiklaani

He sees himself as the saviour of the world His will is strong and he's feeling good Ive known him since the first taste of beer I will meet hi ...

16. Vodka - Korpiklaani

Vodka, you're feeling stronger Vodka, no more feeling bad Vodka, your eyes are shining Vodka, you are the real MAN Vodka, wipes away your tears ...

17. Bring Us Pints Of Beer - Korpiklaani

Bring us pints of beer If you dont't drink, you can leave Bring us pints of beer We gonna drink now and here We've been around the world We've ...

18. Beer Beer - Korpiklaani

From evening to morning And morning to evening I wanna drink Something stronger than a man From evening to morning And morning to evening I wann ...

19. Holy Water - Edguy

Waiting all the time to erase it from my mind I feel like I've been left behind my heart is frozen PUSHED to rush and fall and again I'm gonna crawl ...

20. 富士山下 - Fu Shi Shan Xia - Dưới núi Phú Sĩ - Eason Chan - 陈奕迅 - Chen Yi Xun

拦路雨偏似雪花 lan lu yu pian shi xue hua The heavy rain resembles snowflakes, 饮泣的你冻吗 yin qi de ni dong ma Is the crying you f ...

21. Big And Chunky (OST Madagascar 2) - Will.I.Am

Chunky, chunky, I like 'em big I like 'em chunky I like 'em big I like 'em plumpy I like 'em round With something, something They Like my soun ...

22. Chocolate Love - SNSD (Girls' Generation)

===HANGUL==== 널 처음 본 순간부터 만지고 싶어 나만 가지고 싶어 Chocolate love! 요술 같은 새로운 매력 거부할 수 ?...

23. Gravity - Thanh Bùi (Australian Idol)

I'm strong, but I'm weak. I'm smart, but I'm stupid. I know, yet I'm sure. I'm free, but have captive. I'm been scared, i'm been scarred. I'm afr ...

24. Stand By Me - Shayne Ward

Stand by me Nothing's Impossible, Nothing's Unreachable, When I am weary, You Make Me Stronger, This Love Is Beautiful, So Unforgettable, I ...

25. Vampire (OST Juno) - Antsy Pants

I am a vampire, I am a vampire, I am a vampire, I am a vampire, I am a vampire, vampire I am a vampire I have lost my fangs I am a vampire, I ...

26. Midnight - Thomas Anders

Midnight Under the moonlight You're sayin' with your eyes What I've always known Midnight Wherever you wander The star that you follow Is guidi ...

27. The Mountains Of Mourne - Celtic Thunder

Oh Mary this London's a wonderful sight With people here workin' by day and by night They don't sow potatoes, nor barley, nor wheat But there's gan ...

28. She's Leaving Home - The Beatles

Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins Silently closing her bedroom door Leaving the note that she hoped would say more She goes downs ...

29. What A Feeling - Irene Cara

What a Feeling First, when there's nothing but a slow glowing dream That your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind All alone I have cried s ...

30. Smile - Uncle Kracker

You're better then the best I'm lucky just to linger in your light Cooler then the flip side of my pillow, that's right Completely unaware Nothing ...

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