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1. だんご大家族/ Dango Daikazoku/ A Big Dango Family (Clannad OST) - Chata/ 茶太

Dango Daikazoku Kanji だんご だんご だんご だんご だんご 大家族 だんご だんご だんご だんご だ ...

2. 心の友 / Kokoro No Tomo / Người Bạn Của Trái Tim - Mayumi Itsuwa

心の友 あなたから苦しみを奪えたその時 私にも生きてゆく 勇気がわいてくる あなたと出会うまでは孤?...

3. 可爱万岁 / Ke Ai Wan Sui / Cuteness Forever / Khả Ái Vạn Tuế - S.H.E

E: 和宠物谈心 陪玩具入睡 偶尔单纯有什么不对 S: 就算没刺玫瑰 也需要些甜味 太过高贵只是调去味 H: 如果可?...

4. Decisions - Ne-Yo

(VERSE 1) The Angel Says... Take A Second, Think About It Ask Yourself, "Is It Really Worth it?" [Really Worth It?] You Got A Good Girl On ...

5. Circus - MC Mong

찬바람 불 때 내게 와줄래 세상이 모질게 그댈 괴롭힐 때 신나게 놀자 웃자 한바탕 하 하 하 하 하 하 이 밤이 ?...

6. My Heart Draws A Dream - L' Arc en Ciel

ほら 風が動きだした まだ 諦めたりはしない 太陽を雲の先に感じる 逆風であろうと この胸は夢を描いてく ...

7. Winter Fall - L' Arc en Ciel

真白な時は風にさらわれて 新しい季節を運ぶ こぼれたした手の平の雪は儚くきらめいて 色つきはじめた街 ...

8. Ice Cream Truck - Beyoncé Knowles

Ice cream truck Feels like I'm losing my mind Love is so hard to find You let me on to believe, you belong to me oohh ooohh I'm going troug ...

9. 미운 사랑/Ugly Love - East of Eden OST- Black Pearl/블랙펄 & Je Ah/제아 - Brown Eyed Girls(B.E.G)

___Hangul___ 제아 & 블랙펄 – 미운사랑 가라고 날떠나가라고 또다른 사랑이 왔다고 내안에 넌 있지않다고 ?...

10. My Girlfriend - Sean Kingston

She walked right over to me And her eyes dem went right through me She said you're somebody I should know And all the things that she was saying H ...

11. Control - BoA

You try to run me, but it's not happening Is this on purpose ? Are you an accident ? You try to tell me, tell me, you try to push me round You're j ...

12. Shoes - See Ya

Đăng: umi^_^ 8 giờ 헤어지기 위해서 미워하는 연습을 했어 너를 잊기 위해서 미워하는 연습을 했어 **밥보?...

13. So Fresh So Cool - Big Bang

Korean So fresh (fresh) so cool (Big Bang) [GD] (Yo, yo) Everybody drunken party 오늘은 cool해 지길 바래 내 몸에 쌓인 갈증 단 ?...

14. Back 2U - 2PM

===============KOREAN=============== Back to you Back to you Back to you 거짓말을 해 오늘도 다른 여자를 안고 또 모르는 ...

15. Wherever You Are - Laava

When I feel blue, I think of you 'Cause you're true wherever you are Near or far, you still are my shining star Sometimes it's mad, things get bad ...

16. 等一分钟 - Deng yi fen zhong - Đợi một phút - Xú Yù Téng / 徐誉滕 / Từ Dự Đằng

[ti: 等一分钟] [ar: 徐誉滕] [al: 爱若去了] 如果时间 忘记了转 忘了带走什么 你会不会 至今停在 说爱我的?...

17. 아이리스 / Dreaming Dream (Iris OST) - Kim Tae Woo / 김태우

====Eng Trans==== Wind is crying within my heart Memories of her are fading away While I am missing you with regret Here is where I stand I ...

18. What Can I Say - Carrie Underwood

Piercing words, eyes are red Watched your taillights in the rain Empty heart filled with regret I know we were both to blame And i'm not sor ...

19. (Thinking Of You) I Drive Myself Crazy - N'sync

Lying in your arms So close together Didn't know just what I had Now I toss and turn 'Cause I'm without you Now I'm missing you so bad Where w ...

20. When The World Was Mine - Ronan Keating

"When The World Was Mine" It never rained, the Sun was always shining Every traffic light Was always green There was a time when Every door wa ...

21. He Don't Love You - Human Nature

HE DON'T LOVE YOU If I was your man I'd be here every day If I was your man I wouldn't treat you that way He's never home He never calls How ...

22. Rock Show - Lady Gaga

old her hand through the black light Baby it's a forest land of trick slides Honey just take your time Close her eyes "I'm scared," she whispere ...

23. Vampires Will Never Hurt You - My Chemical Romance

Vampires Will Never Hurt You And if they get me and the sun goes down into the ground And if they get me take this spike to my heart and And if ...

24. Mas - Nelly Furtado

Spanish mas Creo que esta vez va ha ser como la otra vez tú ya olvidaste todo lo que pasó ayer. Quiero que esta vez no sea igual que ayer v ...

25. Seventh Heaven - L' Arc en Ciel

Romaji Ware ni tsuzuke saa ikou Karadajuu no kara wo yaburi Sarakedasu ai wo tsunagou Dakishime ai tashikame ai Yurameku rakuen made Shis ...

26. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Muh-muh-muh-muh-mah! Rah-rah-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Muh-muh-muh-muh-mah! Rah-rah-ooh-la-la! Wan ...

27. I Hate The Homecoming Queen - Emily Osment

Little short skirt with a big attitude She wants to be a model Wants to be on the tube Yeah It's one thing or another She's trouble trouble Watc ...

28. Double Vision (Barbie and the Diamond Castle) - Unknown

Two maidens were stealing A gig from two kind men Whose singing was magic They were both so handsome How did you get to be so good-looking? Gen ...

29. Play On - Carrie Underwood

Whatcha gonna do when the show is over? Whatcha gonna sing when the song ends? Yeah yeah How you gonna cope when there is no closure? Where you go ...

30. Can't Breathe - Leona Lewis

What am I fighting, afraid of losing? It's like I'm not in control. I'm watching myself, I'll die thinking you won't be around. You know you got my ...

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