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1. Concrete Angel - Martina McBride

She walks to school with the lunch she packed, Nobody knows what she's holdin back, Wearin the same dress she wore yesterday, She hides the bruises ...

2. Shooting The Moon (New Moon OST) - OK Go

All of the astronauts Champagne and craftacups Waiting for the big hero to show Outside the door he's dead His head in his hands And his heart is ...

3. Over It - Tiffany Affair

You want to know why im not into you like before. You want to know why im always facing the door. Why don't you think about your promises I live for ...

4. My Heart’s Calling (가슴이 욕해) – Kim Dong Wook (김동욱) -

jo geum deo us eo yo 조 금 더 웃 어 요 haeng bok han mi so ro 행 복 한 미 소 로 ja kku man geu daer chat neun 자 꾸 만 그 댈 찾 ...

5. Throw It In The Bag (ft. The Dream) - Fabolous

[Intro: ~Fabolous & (The Dream)~] (You already know what it is), We got anotha one boy, (ATL), (Just throw it in the bag), Wassup Brooklyn, wassup so ...

6. Humble Me - Norah Jones

Went out on a limb I broke down at the side of the road Stranded at the outskirts and sun's creepin' up Baby's in the backseat Still fast asleep ...

7. Marshmallow - IU/아이유/Lee Ji Eun

말랑 말랑 말랑 말랑 해 넌 특별해 완벽해 비교 분석 해봐도 다른 애들과는 다르지 (달라 달라 Boy) 난 한심해 ...

8. Let Me Show You The Way - Natasha Thomas

Let me show you the way (Chorus) Let me show you the way It's a game that we play Oh everyday so easy Let me show you the way Oh just say what ...

9. A Year Ago Today - Delta Goodrem

"A Year Ago Today" Delta Goodrem Another year older A little bit stronger A little bit wiser than? a year ago today Looking over my shoulder ...

10. 别说对不起- bie shuo dui bu qi - Đừng nói lời xin lỗi - S.H.E

望远镜看不见你你的心飞去哪里 雾上飞行想像黑夜的经历 别说对不起别让我伤了心 才说不是故意我却无法怪你 ...

11. I'm Alive - Celine Dion

I'm Alive(Words and music by Kristian Lundin, Andreas Carlsson) When you call on me When I hear you Breathe I get wings to fly I feel that I’m ...

12. Les Neiges Du Kilimanjaro - Pascal Danel

Il n'ira pas beaucoup plus loin La nuit viendra bientôt Il voit là-bas dans le lointain Les neiges du Kilimandjaro Elles te feront un blanc ma ...

13. Turn Your Car Around - Lee Ryan

Well it's not about them it's all about us Can you hear it again And just take it on trust Yeah you still got a way to get out of this forsake ...

14. Свет В Твоём Окне (The Light In Your Window) - Alsou (Алсу)

Медлят ночи за спешкою дней, Не слышны голоса и шаги. Засыпает наш дом без огней, ...

15. Лист Осенний (An Autumn Leaf) - Vitas/ Витас

Разбился мир на тысячи осколков, В глазах осталась пустота Моя душа, как будто вс?...

16. Become A Wind/Ветром Cтать - Maksim / Максим

Ветром Cтать Russian: Когда я умру - я стану ветром И буду жить над твоей крышей Ког ...

17. Daughter Of The Moon - Insomnium

Trail amidst the snow-clad trees, winding is the way Sunless is the path we roam, bitter is the air we breathe Fell is the icy blast, coming from th ...

18. 아마도 그건 (Perhaps That) - Park Bo Young

아마도 그건 사랑이었을거야 희미하게 떠오르는 기억이 이제야 그 마음을 알아버렸네 그대 눈에 비친 나의 ?...

19. I Cry - Yuri Chika

I CRY Every night I find it so hard to sleep Cause I keep thinking of you And these feelings from deep Oh baby I try to hide all these feelings ...

20. Utopia (Ft. Chris Jones) - Within Temptation

[WT] The burning desire to live and roam free It shines in the dark And it grows within me You’re holding my hand but you don't understand So w ...

21. Hurry Xmas - L' Arc en Ciel

着飾った街はもう幻想さ 年中でも悪くはないね 君が欲しがってたプレゼント忍ばせ高鳴る胸 あぁ早く ねぇ?...

22. Not Guilty - Bryan Adams

Who are you to say that I'm wrong? Who are you to say I'm crazy? Ain't a crime of passion comin' on strong I'm only trying to treat ya like a lady ...

23. I Hate Love - Diane Chase

I hate love, what’s it ever done for me, but cause me a lot of grief, lost me a lot of sleep Every time I say I’ve had enough, I’m neve ...

24. Happy Christmas ( War Is Over) (ft. Yoko Ono) - John Lennon

So this is Christmas And what have you done Another year is over A new one just begun And so this is Christmas I hope you have fun The near and ...

25. Ready To Fall ( On The Line OST) - N'sync

I get a feeling I can't explain Whenever your eyes meet mine My heart spins in circles And I lose all space and time And now that we're standing ...

26. You Can't Stop The Beat (Hair Spray OST) - Various Artists

TRACY You cant stop an avalanche As it races down the hill You can try to stop the seasons, girl But ya know you never will And you can try to ...

27. Sound The Bugle (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron OST) - Bryan Adams

Sound the bugle now - play it just for me As the seasons change - remember how I used to be Now I can't go on - I can't even start I've got nothing ...

28. Lovely Day (You're Beautiful OST) - Park Shin Hye

====== Korean ====== 살며시 날 깨워줘요 My sunshine 동화 속 공주처럼 눈을감고 기다릴거예요. 눈 뜨면 내 곁에 함?...

29. Hey You - Tokio Hotel

Hey you Come on, you can look at me.I don\'t want to fit in Stand up if you give a damn, it\'s the living season Who and ...

30. Without Words (You're Beautiful OST) - Park Shin Hye

ha ji mal geor geu raess eo mo reun cheog hae beo ril geol 하 지 말 걸 그 랬 어 모 른 척 해 버 릴 걸 I should have done that. I should ...

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