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Các bài hát hay nhất tại Lời Dịch với từ khóa capnhat

Hiện có tất cả 22665 bài hát.

1. I Try - Macy Gray

Games, changes and fears When will they go from here When will they stop I believe that fate has brought us here And we should be together, babe ...

2. Reloaded - Lady Gaga

Baby you've got a lot of questions You better listen up please I wanna know what you want and need To charge up your batteries You got the flow ...

3. Playing With Fire (ft Mr Hudson) - N-Dubz

I don't slip or trip when she asks me where I've been (Where you been) One big smile on my face zip it darling it's just you and me (You and me) Now ...

4. Perfect - Doria Roberts

Let’s take a picture now I do not want to forget The way you look at me when everything is perfect A perfect memory of when things are so good A ...

5. Best Days (Shrek 3 OST) - Matt White

Every time I look at you You always look so beautiful Driving on the road again And I would take some photographs So I can dream of you Can't ...

6. With All Your Heart - Plus One

With All Your Heart You make this world a better place When you try your best each day Just listen and your heart will show the way It will ma ...

7. You - Plus One

Me, It was always all about me My job, my plans, my time That's all I cared about Myself, I only need myself To get me through my life But sudde ...

8. Let's Go Crazy - C.N.Blue

Let's go crazy Let's go crazy Let's go crazy I can feel the hit in my flesh and bone I don't wanna be here on my own Might miss a chance turnin ...

9. Zza Zza La - As One

==Kanji== Zza Zza La!! – 애즈 원(As One) 어쩌면 좋아 자꾸 생각나 oh 하루 종일 모든 게 꿈같아 너의 두 팔에 너의 ?...

10. I'll Never Find Someone Like You - Backstreet Boys

I'll never find....i'll never find someone like you. You girl, you take my breathe away And when I want someone new, I'd rather be here with you Ba ...

11. StarStruck - Sterling Knight

Oh Oh, Oh Oh yeah, Oh Oh, Oh Oh yeah. Every girl every boy They got your posters on their wall, Yeah. photographs, autographs The minute you s ...

12. Let You Go - The TRAX

=====HANGUL====== 하얗게 흐려진 그림 속 추억의 책장 속 우리 그저 스쳐간 안녕 돌아와 끝내 말 못하고 시간 틈?...

13. Won't Fade Away - Black Infinity

The night falls blue to plead for another Dawn and i'm still there inside the harmony I gave my heart to you will it be safe ? Won't fade aw ...

14. ...And Farewell - Black Infinity

Blue moon shining on my way And i can see you smile again Please come to my grave when i'm wishpering your name Silence dancing on my days With ...

15. Dejà Vu - K-Otic

ตอนที่เธอกลับมาหา Dton tee tur glup mah hah When you came back บอกชั้นขอเริ่มต้?...

16. Stay Here Forever - Jewel

I'm staring at the ceiling, laying here dreaming, Wasting the day away The world's flying by our window outside But hey baby that's okay This feel ...

17. Still Around - 3OH!3

Go ahead and burn it down I'm drunk and so is everyone else In this devil town They wont let me turn around To get one last look at my baby Whi ...

18. This Love, This Hate - Hollywood Undead

n a time of need only few can see what's wrong millions tend to crawl but only those who choose can make it through this all, only few can sing like ...

19. Silently Screaming - Ne-Yo

Someone point me in the right direction Tell me where’s the nearest piece of mind? I’m going crazy Knight in shining armor in the distance ...

20. We Weren't Born To Follow - Bon Jovi

This one goes out to the man who mines for miracles This one goes out to the ones in need This one goes out to the sinner and the cynical This ain' ...

21. Soothe Me - Code Red

Ain't no cloud in my sky Got no reason to cry Now there's you in my life (now that there is you in my life) And the smell of your perfume I can't ...

22. 또르르 / Rolling ♪ Ji Yeon - T-Ara

===============KOREAN=============== 또르르 눈물이 흘러간다 또르르 또르르르 소리없는 아픔을 이기지도 못한 채 파?...

23. Bad Girl - Beast / B2st

I'm heart sick heal me be crazy can't let you go sad love song my love's gone plz baby don't go far we got a new skool sounds now we take this song ...

24. She's Gone ( ft. KRUSH) - G-Drangon

Oh she's gone yeah(She) Oh she's gone yeah Oh (Uh) she's gone yeah 잘 가라 잘 가 잘 가라 잘 가 Jal gara jal ga jal gara jal ga Good bye ...

25. United State of Pop 2008 Remix - Various Artists

Take it down slow Baby you could have what ever you like Cuz you ask for it Tonight (Tonight) With you, with you, with you, with you, with you To ...

26. Not Coming Back - Daniel Powter

I don't believe in any long goodbyes I got my motor on from all that you cried And you know that it's much too much So open the skies And let it ...

27. Number One - Tinchy Stryder

[DAPPY] Ah uh uh oh Ah uh uh oh Ah uh uh oh Ah uh uh oh (na na naii) Ah uh uh oh Ah uh uh oh (Tinchy Stryder) Ah uh uh oh (N dubz) Ah uh uh oh ...

28. White X'mas - Kat-Tun

Kanji White X'mas (Full Ver.) 銀色きらめく街 雨が雪に変わった 夢色まぶしい未来見てた あの日のクリスマス ...

29. White Storm - Ensiferum

On this magical dawn the colours of autumn are reflected by a light A light that has been captured for years in oblivion of time Circles of time are ...

30. Overcome - Creed

Don't cry victim to me Everything we are and used to be Is buried and gone Now it's my turn to speak It's my turn to expose and release what's bee ...

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