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1. Go Go Sweden - Ola Svensson

Oh Oh, oh oh, oh oh Go Go Sweden Oh Oh, oh oh, oh oh Go Go Sweden Tonight it's going down I can feel it in the air See the crowed all dres ...

2. You Were Born To Be Loved - Lee Soo Young

Tangsi-neun sarang ba-tgi-wi-hae tae-o-nan saram Tangsi-neui sal-seo-ge-so keu  sarang-bat-geo itji-yo Tangsi-neun saran ...

3. Hoy Que Ya No Estas Aqui - Il Divo

==Spanish== No dije que te amaba, jamás supiste la verdad. Lo mucho que me amaste no lo supe valorar. Me equivoqué, yo me equivoqué. Vacío m ...

4. Underneath - JoJo

You know that East Coast girls Always say what we mean And shy Southern boys Often don't say a thing But opposites attract And you were drawn to ...

5. I Can't Try - Trish Thùy Trang

I remember the afternoon When you left me alone and blue Although there were some times i felt you were untrue I could tell by the look in your ...

6. When You Look At Me - Christina Milian

CHORUS Tell me who do you think you see You're standing in your corner looking out on me You think I'm so predictable Tell me what do you think I ...

7. My Home - Ola Svensson

I've been looking for something all my life Always short of one thing to make it right All the time i kept a foot outside the door Always haunted b ...

8. This Boy That Girl (Feat. Iyaz) - Miley Cyrus

I think we got somthin Hey, It's my girl Hannah , And IYAZ on the track right now (Hey, Let's go) Today were gonna get this, Today were gonna g ...

9. Been Here All Along - Miley Cyrus

Mmmmmmm Yeah Sunrise and I lifted my head Then I smiled at your picture Sitting next to my bed Sunset and your feeling ok Coz you smile at ...

10. Kiss It Goodbye - Miley Cyrus

kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey what you waitin' for an oppurtunity tonight. come on it's at your door you're crazy if you le ...

11. Here We Stand - Amber Pacific

Here we stand again Another day has passed us with it's lack of change And all we have is what we share And all we want is someone else to be there ...

12. Need A Little Love - Miley Cyrus

When the darkness leaves you lonely Or the world tries to push you away When your sky is looking troubled You can count on me cause I’m gonna sta ...

13. What If - ColdPlay

What if there was no light. Nothing wrong, nothing right. What if there was no time? And no reason or rhyme? What if you should decide That you d ...

14. I'll Always Remember You - Miley Cyrus

I always knew this day would come We’d be standing one by one With our future in our hands So many dreams so many plans Always knew after all ...

15. I Did It For You - Westlife

[Shane:] Life without taking chances Is no kind of life at all You've gotta stand up for something Even if you might fall Gotta take the road Wh ...

16. To All The Girls I've Loved Before - Julio Iglesias

To all the girls I've loved before Who traveled in and out my door I'm glad they came along, I dedicate this song To all the girls I've loved befor ...

17. Love Don't Let Me Go - David Guetta

You've got me dancin' and cryin' Rollin' and flying Love don't let me go You got me drownin' in a river Cold and in fever Love don't let me go D ...
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