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1. Summer Party - SMiLE.dk

Summer party, whoa-oa-oa Acting naughty, whoa-oa-oa Summer party, whoa-oa-oa Dancing all night long in this summer party song Feel the beat, you ...

2. Let Me Get This Right - Ne-Yo

Now I don't wanna jump the gun Or misunderstand anyone but I think maybe you have been feeling something lately. I know we got an understanding, Y ...

3. Heartbeat Song - The Futureheads

When we meet I listen to your heartbeat I can hear the rhythm and the tone Every time I listen to me heart It's like a cartwheel in my head but my ...

4. Can You Tell (The Last Song OST) - Ra Ra Riot

Have I been too discreet? How long am I supposed to wait? I think about you nightly Oh, can you tell I'm losin' sleep. What am I supposed to d ...

5. Come With Me - Jay Sean

When I wake up in the morning I see Everybody's looking at me Whispering and talking, pointin fingers at me What is it that they want me to be Can ...

6. 世界に一つだけの花/ Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana - Smap

NO.1にならなくてもいい もともと特別なOnly one 花屋の店先に並んだ いろんな花を見ていた ひとそれぞれ好?...

7. Just A Feeling (Tae Yang) - Big Bang

==HANGUL== 단 한순간도 떨어져있기가 두려워 (두려워) 매일밤 널 보내기가 점점 난 어려워 (어려워) I wanna rock w ...

8. Let Just Be - Ne-Yo

We can watch a DVD Baby Sit up In the house and be Just be there You ain't gonna get Cute for me Truthfully I prefer you With no mak ...

9. Beggin' (Step Up 3D OST) - Madcon -

Oooh Put your loving hand out, baby I’m beggin Beggin, beggin you Put your loving hand out baby Beggin, beggin you Put your loving hand out ...

10. 1:03 - Nell (넬)

==Kanji== 돌이킬 수 없어서 이렇게 후회하고 잊을 수가 없어서 평생을 가져가요 미약했던 나의 용기를 초라했?...

11. Fisheye Lens - Nell (넬)

==Kanji== 자기의 가면 뒤에는 짙은 그림자 슬픔의 잠긴 탄식은 날 위한 노래 모든 게 밝혀지는 오 늘을 기억 ...

12. After You Fall Asleep (Tae Yang - ft.Swing) - Big Bang

==Kanji== 오늘 단 하루만 ooh 깨어나지 말아줘 빛나는 밤 좋은꿈꾸며 baby 네 머리맡에 전화긴 내려둬 내 생각?...

13. Drive My Soul - Lights

Seems somebody put out the moon Now the road is a minefield I can’t follow the way she moves I can’t see past the shadows You make the darknes ...

14. Up - Jesse McCartney

(Verse 1) She movin' like this, like that Move up, move back, Yeah, drop it low. Man you see, She put it on me, She clap that ass like a pro. ...

15. They Don't Know - Alexander Burke

I went to the doctor to open up my heart Got my symptoms all mixed up He didn't know where to start Ain't no doctor in this world that can keep a ...

16. Ready Or Not - SHINee

==Kanji== 왔을까 5초 후면 그녀 앞이란 걸 내 맘에 불을 지른 that girl I say brrrrr!! 난 정말 어쩌자고 널 불러 앉혀?...

17. Better - Regina Spektor

If I kiss you where it's sore If I kiss you where it's sore Will you feel better, better, better Will you feel anything at all Will you feel bette ...

18. I'm Falling In Love - Tommy Page

I'm falling in love - Tommy Page I've been searching all my life for someone like you and I don't believe in love at first sight but i know thi ...

19. Turn It Up (The Fall) - Pixie Lott

Baby, its over, we both know, lets go forward. I love you, but in a different way, I love you, forever. Now that we've come to the end of a story- ...

20. Trust In Me - Beyoncé Knowles

Trust in me In all you do Have the faith I have in you Love will see Us through If only you Trust in me Why don't you,you Trust me? Come to ...

21. I'd Rather Go Blind - Beyoncé Knowles

Something told me it was over, When I saw you and her talking. Something deep down in my soul said, Cry Girl (Cry cry), When I saw you and that gi ...

22. 12 Seconds - Nell (넬)

==Kanji== 노을지는 마음 파도치는 마음 Don't break my heart 흘러가는 구름 잊혀지는 이름 Why did you have to go You broke ...

23. Dancing On My Own - Robyn

Somebody said you got a new friend Does she love you better than I can There's a big black sky over my town I know where you at, I bet she's around ...

24. Missing You - The Saturdays

I miss missing you I miss missing you Where's the pain when you walk out the door It doesn't hurt like it used to before Where's the love that w ...

25. Counting On You - SMiLE.dk

My situation is like an equation An answer so hard to find Mmm, figures and numbers how can I solve them? I cant get you out of my mind Oh, its ...

26. Holding On - Beverley Craven

I’m losing control of my emotions You’ve got this hold on my heart I’ve never known what we are feeling You never took me so far I can’t f ...

27. Please Don't Go - Mike Posner

Just run away from these lies back to yesterday safe tonight I feel the sun creeping up like tick-tock I'm trying to keep you in my head but if ...

28. GAME - BoA

Beautiful 나의 귓가에 아주 살짝 스치듯 말해줘 괜찮아 좀 뻔뻔해도 그렇게 fun하게 Come play with me 천천히 아슬?...

29. Summer Time - Michelle Branch

It's the time of year with things growing wild Love's found underneath the stars Kids are playing in the backyard now Catching fire-flies in a jar ...

30. Contagious - Boys Like Girls

I’m flying down the fast lane, Doing ninety-five, ninety things on my brain. Don’t know where the hell I'm going, But, I'm going after you. ...

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