Bài địch có tích hợp bộ từ điển, các bạn hãy nhấp 2 cái vào từ muốn tra nhé.
Các bài hát hay nhất tại Lời Dịch với từ khóa capnhat

Hiện có tất cả 22665 bài hát.

1. La Bamba - Marco Da Silva

Para bailar la bamba Para bailar la bamba se necesita una poca de gracia Una poca de gracia y otra cosita Ay, arriba y arriba Ay, arriba y arriba ...

2. Is There Anybody Out There - Secondhand Serenade

You can say goodbye, To all the things that you have ever known. You can say goodbye, And leave behind the life that you have grown. What's th ...

3. Addicted - Ne-Yo

[Spoken] Let me talk to 'em I guess you know you made it when they start talking 'bout you, right? Welcome to fame You all don't pay me no mind, I ...

4. Tell Me ( Am I A Sinner ) - Britney Spears

Keep telling myself Get out of my mind The way it feels It feels so right And every night I feel the heat Close my eyes And it comes to me ...

5. Lady Bump - Penny McLean

Hey I'm so glad you come inhere tonight. I'm so it chin' to Dance I can't stand it and I was countin' on dancin' with you. It's a saturday nig ...

6. Savior - Rise Against

It kills me not to know this but I've all but just forgotten What the color of her eyes were and her scars or how she got them As the telling signs ...

7. Calling You - Outlandish

I'm calling you With all my goals, my very soul Ain't falling through I'm in need of you The trust in my faith My tears and my ways is drowning s ...

8. Letting Go - Mohombi

Gotta get myself together Tryna make it through tonight Tell myself that we were never broken There were times that I thought I might be Finding w ...

9. Voce Vai Voltar Pra Mim / You're Going to Come Back to Me - Nathália Siqueira (Natalia Siqueira)

Posso até sangrar Que agora já não dá mais, me acostumei Já parei de chorar Quando alguém fala de você, eu sei Te perdi, não dormi, me aca ...

10. You're A Woman - Bad Boys Blue

You are woman Tonight, They'll be no darkness tonight. Hold tight, Let your love light shine bright. Listen to my heart, And lay your body nex ...

11. Do Do Do - Nellie McKay

Oh, do, do, do What you've done, done, done Before, baby Do, do, do, what I do, do, do Adore, baby Let's try again Sigh again Fly again to ...

12. Other Father Song - Unknown

Making up a song about Coraline She's a peach she's a doll she's a pal of mine She's as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their ...

13. Never Enough - Epica

Can't you hear me screaming once again? Voices you can't hear Because you are consumed and in content With everlasting greed Don't you see me on ...

14. Stay With Me - Steps

When I close my eyes, and you're not there I feel this emptiness inside - do you care? If you have to go I'll understand But the pain's so hard to ...

15. Paradise Lost - Steps

Across the desert sands I watch a caravan And dream it could take me to you As the east wind blows I shiver to my bones Cos all I can think of i ...

16. February Air - Lights

If you don't believe me If you don't like my plans You mustn't tell me I know your face like the back of my hand We walk the city I talk so you ...

17. Hand On Your Heart - Steps

On the phone for hours at a time, Has your voice changed or is it a trick of the line? All alone, I'm losing my mind, Wonderin' what you'll be doin ...

18. Only In My Dreams - Steps

But only in my dreams I'm living without you Givin' my heart to somebody new It never should of been this way You know we almost had it made Wi ...

19. Not Like The Movies - Katy Perry

He put it on me, I put it on, Like there was nothing wrong. It didn't fit, It wasn't right. Wasn't just the size. They say you know, When you kn ...

20. Opposite Of Adults - Chiddy Bang

Fresh Kid Z, fresh Kid C, fresh Kid P, fresh Kid T (Oh yeah, we back) Chiddy Bang And we pretty much amazing Can we hear your new song please? I g ...

21. With You I'm Born Again - Il Divo

Dame tu ternura, Ven y alivia esta locura, Contigo yo siento que vuelvo a nacer. Dame tu dulzura, Cuando estás no tengo dudas, Que en tus braz ...

22. Wish (Ft. Super Junior Kyuhuyn & Ryeowook ) - DBSK

===Korean=== 소원 이젠 내 안에 그 소원 담아서 그대 힘들어 지면 작은 손 잡아 줄게요 그대의 마음엔 내가 없죠 ...

23. True Love (ft.Katy Perry) - Ke$ha

KE$HA : I think about you all the time, One look my knees get weak practically die So hard to sleep when I'm so close to this dream coming true true ...

24. Love Is Dead - Brett Anderson

Nothing ever goes right, nothing really flows in my life No one really cares if no one ever shares my bed People push by with fear in their eyes in ...

25. You Made Me - Mika

You can be difficult ,I can be mean We can be lovebirds or sting like bees We're walking a wire In danger of falling from grace A minute of ...

26. 君がいるから - Kimi Ga Iru Kara - Because You're Here (Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song) - Sayuri Sugawara

「泣いたっていいんだよ」 君が不意にそう言ってくれたから なんだか嬉しくて 涙じゃなく笑顔がこぼれた 不 ...

27. Welcome To My Heart - Backstreet Boys

Darkness falls I thought I heard you call Or was it just a dream? I'm a little scared knowing you're out there So far away from me Its been so ...

28. By My Side - David Choi

I'm just listening to the clock go ticking, lying waiting as the time goes by. I think of you with every breath I take, I need to feel your heartbe ...

29. Worry About You - 2AM Club

For as long, long as I can remember It's been December, no sun, No summertime to treasure, we weren't grown And every time that they told us surre ...

30. Japanese Boy - SMiLE.dk

Hes a Japanese boy He said that he loved me, never would go Oh-oh, oh-oh Now I find I'm sitting here on my own Oh-oh, oh-oh Was it something ...

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