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Các bài hát hay nhất tại Lời Dịch với từ khóa capnhat

Hiện có tất cả 22665 bài hát.

1. Tell Me Lies - Ashley Tisdale

It's in your eyes, feelings can't be disguised 'Cause the truth makes me want you to tell me lies My biggest fear is crying motions of tears I wo ...

2. You're My Favorite Song (ft. Joe Jonas) (Camp Rock 2 OST) - Demi Lovato

Words don't come easy without a melody I'm always thinkin' in terms of do-re-mi I should be hikin', swimmin', laughin' with you Instead I'm all ...

3. One In A Million - Yamashita Tomohisa

=====Kanji====== いつから君のキスはなおざり 今も Why don't you touch my mind すぐに Tell me, why you don`t see my eyes? Baby, ...

4. This Is Our Song ( Camp Rock 2 ) - Various Artists

So let's sing Na Na na na na Hey ya Come on let's sing Na Na na na na Hey ya This is our song That's all that matters 'Cause we all belong ...

5. 한별 / Implode - BoA

돌이킬 수 없는 시간들 무너져 내리는 감정들 붙잡아도 손틈 사이로 흩어져 하염없이 흘러내리는 눈물 때문에 ...

6. Loveless - Yamashita Tomohisa

Somehow I already understand it The reason why you looked down It's because you can’t talk about ‘breaking up’ Even though our shadows on the ...

7. In Love There Is No Pride - Ronan Keating

I was full of Simple dreams, yeah Thought I'd find her And be with her full time She's not mine, Thought I'd find A name with mine 4:00 am on M ...

8. Don't Know What To Say - BoA

이 순간이 우리에게는 마지막일지도 몰라 텅 빈 내 마음만큼 생긴 거릴 넌 느낄 수 있었니 우린 왜 서로에게 조?...

9. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) - The Hollies

Saturday night I was downtown Working for the FBI Sitting in a nest of bad men Whiskey bottles piling high Bootlegging boozer on the west side ...

10. You And I - Secondhand Serenade

I'm feeling distracted, And likewise attracted, To all the things that you let me know, All the things that you can't let go. You're waiting for f ...

11. Walking Piece Of Heaven - Marty Robbins

What's that around your head, is it a halo? And what's that on your shoulders, is it wings? You must be a walkin' piece of heaven Or is it love tha ...

12. Fire (Camp Rock 2) - Matthew "Mdot" Finley

Yo yo yo Yo yo yo Yo yo yo Nobody's gona wana get next to me Cause they know (they know) I'll take this one I wont let it go Doesn't' matter h ...

13. Two Worlds - Phil Collins

Put your faith in what you most believe in Two worlds, one family Trust your heart Let fate decide To guide these lives we see A paradise untou ...

14. Scream (ft.Nicole Scheizinger & Keri Hilosn) - Timbaland

I got a plan for you and I Let's journey across the Venetian skies. Can i have some of your cookies, can I have some of your pie May I cut the f ...

15. The Human Stain - Kamelot

The Human Stain See the cemetery sky Carmine red and deep Watch the oceans rising high It’s the human stain Talk about the growing hung ...

16. Set This Party Off (Jonas L.A OST) - Jonas Brothers

Drivin' down the boulevard She pulls up in her daddy's car, top down She's got friends and I've gone mine But I got nothin' on my mind Rockin' out ...

17. Sirens Of The Sea (Coraline OST) - Unknown

I'm known as the siren of all seven seas The breaker of hearts by the bay So if you go swimming with bow-legged women I might steal your weak heart ...

18. Perfect - J-Co

Uh yeahhh I nearly lost my mind Tryna figure out a way To make you understand I can't go on another day Maybe I was wrong Been confused and led ...

19. This Instant (Step Up 3D OST) (Ft. T-Pain) - Sophia Fresh

clap your hands to the beat this instant, this instant, this this instant (X4) ello ello mama tell me why you sittin down get up and pick up the ...

20. Don't Tell Me You Love Me Anymore - Emma Bunton

Don't tell me you love me anymore Don't tell me unless you're good and sure I can't control what my heart is feeling Want you here, but I need to ...

21. How Could An Angel Break My Heart - Toni Braxton

HOW COULD AN ANGEL BREAK MY HEART ? (Toni Braxton) I heard he sang a lullaby I heard he sang it from his heart When I found out thought I would d ...

22. Walk Away - Jackie Boy

You don't really tell me he's gone 'Cause I've been waiting for so long Tell me baby where you're going Where we're going to be Can't stand seeing ...

23. Critical (Jonas L.A OST) - Jonas Brothers

There's a storm comin' up And I gotta prepare myself 'Cause this felling's getting stronger everyday Something's creepin' inside Everything is a ...

24. Don't Let Go - SMiLE.dk

I once went out with a hip-hop kid Jump and spin was all he did Then I dated a raver guy He lost his speech when he got high And I remember a Lo ...

25. Summer Rain ( Jonas L.A OST) - Jonas Brothers

It's time for something It's time for change It's time to get things rearranged Oh yeahh The summer heat has been getting me And last summers l ...

26. It's Not Too Late (Camp Rock 2 OST) - Demi Lovato

Here I am Feels like the walls are closing in Once again It's time to face it and be strong I wanna do the right thing now I know it's up to me ...

27. I Love It When We Do - Ronan Keating

I love it when we do what we do when we do [x2] Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa [x3] Yeah When you're around the sun is always shining And since we met I hav ...

28. Invisible - Jonas Brothers

I can feel you all around In the silence I hear the sound Of your footsteps on the ground And my heart slows down So now I'm I'm waiting for th ...

29. Bop To The Top (High School Musical) - Lucas Grabeel

I believe in dreamin’ Shootin’ for the stars Baby to be number one You’ve got to raise the bar Kickin’ and a scratchin’ Grindin’ ...

30. She Flys Me Away (feat. Nemesis) - Jason Derulo

She the type of girl to make you lazy. Don't wanna do a thing, I've been thinkin' crazy lately. Like buying her a ring, I used to be at the pa ...

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