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1. Ghost Of You - Selena Gomez

Turn my back to the door Feel so much better now Don't even try anymore Nothing left to lose There's a voice that's in the air Saying don't look ...

2. Deeper And Deeper - Cinema Bizarre

Why - why should we go deeper into this I don't know Try - I'm trying to find what's in your secrets I don't know Time - the minutes are counted b ...

3. It's A Beautiful Thing - Clique Girlz

Am I losing my mind You're everywhere and I don't know why Something I can't deny On and on like a song in my head And I can't do a thing about it ...

4. Kill ★ In The Heaven (Grell Sutcliff's Character Song) - Jun Fukuyama

Kill ★ in the Heaven ねえ いつかは あなたに抱かれて 同じ夢を 見るの さりげなく 紅茶に浮かべた?...

5. 深紅 – Shinku – Crimson Red (Grell Sutcliff's Character Song) - Jun Fukuyama

==Kanji== 月夜に浮かぶ残像 かりそめの黒い記憶 屈辱的な歪む朝 不純な航海へ 報われない恋ならば せ?...

6. Follow The River - Christian Ingebrigtsen

The streets are alive tonight. With so many voices. But no one's calling out my name. I try my best to smile. But all I wanna do is cry. Falling ...

7. 세컨드 / Second - Brown Eyed Girls(B.E.G)

01. 세컨드 (second) Yeah baby, you just blew out the chance to get the idea This is the bomb track, you know what I’m sayin’? The hottest ...

8. Maiochiru Yuki No Youn - Like Falling Snow (White Album Ending Theme) - Suara

==Kanji== 心配してます さみしがりやのあなた 強がるわたしが もっともっとさみしい あなたとの想い出?...

9. Time - One Night Only

Go, you don't have to feel alone Time, does not have to be on your side When you know home, is not very far away. All you need is time All you n ...

10. Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield

Jessie is a friend, yeah, I know he's been a good friend of mine But lately something's changed that ain't hard to define Jessie's got himself a ...

11. Ticki Ticki Toc - Suboi

[Hook x2] Tikki tikki toc toc it's the time to party The girls come up with the nicest outfit The guys come up with the nicest haircut And me come ...

12. To My Dearest - As One

歌词 꿈속에 그려온 사람(그사람) 바로 너인걸(너인걸) 넌 나의 기쁨 하늘의 축복 나만의 천사인걸 날 바라보며 ...

13. Baby It's You - JoJo

OoooohhaaaahhhhhOhhhaaaahhhh....... [Verse 1] Can somebody explain to me Why everybody is trying to be Living like a celebrity Doing what they ...

14. Robot Boy - Linkin Park

You say you're not going to fight Because no one will fight for you And you think there's not enough love And no one to give it to And you're sure ...

15. I Love You Too - Ziggy Marley

Love You Too I love you too, I love you too I tell you I love you I love you too, I love you too I love you When you smile I'll smile along ...

16. 선물 / Gift - BoA

06. 선물(Gift) 그렇게도 너의 품에 있고 싶던건 내곁에서 멀어진 그 Melody and Hamony 아무것도 느낄 수가 없었던 ?...

17. Trust Me - Yuya Matsushita

I really wanna be with you I really wanna really wanna be with you cos you my love, you my shine, you my dear, so trust me, trust me, trust me, ye ...

18. 기적 / Destiny - BoA

01. 기적(Destiny) 지금까지 기다려왔던 내안의 나를 찾고 있어 웃었던 시간 울던 시간 그리고 또 살아가는 나 미 ...

19. Can't Nobody (Korean Version) - 2NE1

[Minzy] 갈만큼 가겠지 오늘밤도 길겠지 분위기 타겠지 졸졸 따라 올 테지 [CL] 난 참 바쁜걸 I welcome you to my world ...

20. Innisfree Day (Yoona) - SNSD (Girls' Generation)

===KOREAN=== 안녕~ 이불 같은 햇살 안녕~ 살랑대는 바람 안녕~ 사탕 같은 구름 모든 게 반가워져 안녕~ 향기 ...

21. One More Time ( OST Playful Kiss) - Kim Hyun Joong - SS501

One More Time ♪ 원 모어 타임 ===Korean=== 내가 몰랐었나봐 너를 몰랐었나봐 이렇게도 가까이에 있는데 정말 소 ...

22. Most Beautiful Girl - Nu Flavor

Ooo girl I'd walk a hundred miles To see your pretty face each time you smile There is no distance for me, long as I can believe I'll see you tonig ...

23. Shake - Jesse McCartney

I met this girl down the block from me Used to tell myself she was too hot for me But then I saw her at the corner store So I ran on over just to g ...

24. A Geisha's Dream - SMiLE.dk

Come with us, come with us To a place you've never seen. That is far, far away It's the land of your dreams. You will see, you will see Where the ...

25. Stay The Night - James Blunt

It’s 72 degrees, zero chance of rain It’s been a perfect day We’re all spinning on our heels, so far away from real In California We watched ...

26. It's In Your Melody - SMiLE.dk

Oh la di da di da, its in your melody Oh la di da di da, I wanna sing it with you Oh la di da di da, when you are here with me Oh la di da di da, i ...

27. Sign Your Name( Ft. Justin Timberlake) - Sheryl Crow

Fortunately you Have someone who relies on you We started out as friends But the thought of you just caves me in The symptoms are so deep It’ ...

28. That's What It's All About - Westlife

[All:] I know it's all about you It's all about me Working it out, yeah That's what it's all about [Shane:] Maybe I was wrong about it Maybe ...

29. Shame (ft. Gary Barlow) - Robbie Williams

Well there's 3 versions of this story mine, yours and then the truth And we can put it down to circumstance, ...our childhood, then our youth ...

30. A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez

oooooooooh oeeeeeeeh Can you feel me When i think about you with every breath i take Every Minute No matter what i do My world is an empty ...

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