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1. Thank You - Leah Dizon

Lời Nhật: Oh happy days for you and me。(''uh yeah'') ずっと側にいてくれて、 上手く伝わるかな? (''伝わるかな'') ?...

2. Someday - SMiLE.dk

Sitting in my room, dreaming about you Every single day, in every single way I always lose control, when I think about you Every single day, in ...

3. Love & Devotion - SMiLE.dk

I, I dream of you every night And boy, I just can’t get you off my mind Cause you, you move me with your smile So true, love like this is hard ...

5. 青 衣 - Qing Yi - Áo xanh - Unknown

[ti: 青 衣] [ar: 馬天宇] [al: 飛] 每逢秋去冬来是人去花又别 叹一声缘分不该如此难求 所谓的爱与不爱相隔 ...

6. 最长的电影 - Zui chang de dian ying - Bộ phim dài nhất - Jay Chou

我們的開始是很長的電 放映了三年 我票都還留著 冰上的芭蕾腦海中還在旋轉 望著你慢慢忘記你 ## 朦朧的時?...

7. Die Hasen - The Rabbits (Kuroshitsuji's Insert Song) - Unknown

==Germany== Weiter, weiter, immer weiter! Lauf bis wohin? Straßen und Gassen nach rechts oder links. Mögen der Himmel, die Sonne uns dummen zeig ...

8. Kairitsu No Dorei - Slave of the Commandments (William T.Spears' Character Song) - Noriaki Sugiyama

==Kanji== 光 失う 死の 灯火 記憶が 終わる その 理 舞った 黒風 血を 斬り摘む その 瞳の 緋?...

9. 내가 웃고 있어요 / I'm Smiling - Brown Eyed Girls(B.E.G)

걱정 말아요 난 괜찮아요 가던 길 그냥 가요 그 동안 많이 미안했어요 힘들게 해서~ 어떤 이유도 어떤 변명도 ?...

10. November Night - Groove Coverage

November Night - Groove Coverage Nothing left for me to say I can't even stop the rain from falling Down into my eyes Nothing left for you to ...

11. Riot On An Empty Street - Kings Of Convenience

"Why, why so quiet? Oh my, mysterious country singer?" she asked. My life, it's a riot I'm climbing barricades in empty streets at night. Whe ...

12. Innocent - Taylor Swift

I guess you really did it this time Left yourself in your warpath Lost your balance on a tightrope Lost your mind tryin’ to get it back Wasn?...

13. 止戰之殤 - Zhi Zhan Zhi Shang - Bài ca ngừng chiến* - Jay Chou

光 轻如纸张 光 散落地方 光 在掌声渐息中他慌忙 他在传唱 不堪的伤脚本在台上 演出最后一场 而全村人们 ...

14. 說了再見 - Shuo Le Zai Jian - Đã nói lời tạm biệt - Jay Chou

天涼了 雨下了 妳走了 清楚了 我愛的 遺失了 落葉飄在湖面上睡著了 想要放 放不掉 淚在飄 妳看看 妳看看不?...

15. 爱来过 - Ai lai guo - Tình yêu đến rồi đi - S.H.E

我看不开也放不开 因为我曾见过爱情真的盛开 我要等待一直等待 等那一个夜晚从回忆回来 当你拥抱着我那一?...

16. Miracles May - Idou Tanako

The rain Clearing above The pain is going away… All the tears that we shed Hope the clouds don’t get in the way For tonight, we take our g ...

17. Scars - Ronan Keating

Scars are warning signs left behind from choices that we made. Scars follow you home and they won't let go They're with you to the grave Everybo ...

18. She Moves Through The Fair - Boyzone

My young love said to me My mother won't mind And my father won't slight you For your lack of kind Then she stepped away from me And this she did ...

19. A Day To Be Alone - One Less Reason

She said I wonder when it'll be my day 'Cause I'm not too far from breaking down All I've got are screams inside But somehow they come out in a ...

20. Can't Let Go - BoA

10. Can't let go 길어진 하루가 내겐 힘이 들어 이런 건 나뿐인지 잡을 수 있지만 그럴 수도 없던 바보이기 ?...

21. Hollywood - Michael Buble

Could you be a teenage idol Could you be a movie star When l turn on my tv Will you smile and wave at me telling Oparah who you are. So you want t ...

22. 死神の勤怠管理 - Shinigami no Kintai Kanri - Discipline of Diligence of the Death Gods (William T.Spears' Character Song) - Noriaki Sugiyama

==Kanji== 月曜日は魂を刈り 火曜日は管理課の会議 水曜日は派遣する死神呼ぶ 木曜日は純白のシャツ 金曜?...

23. The Reason Why - Little Big Town

I could love you Baby, if you want me too I could go and fall for you And never even try, hey, hey I could let you in Baby, where nobody's been ...

24. Temptation Island - SMiLE.dk

Two girls on the road to become stars On the road to travelling far On the road to catch the moon in their hands Two girls on the road to burning ...

25. Eternal Flame - Michael Learns To Rock

Eternal Flame The doors are open and you're on your way The eyes of the world are on you to day Fire is deep in your heart Desire burning from t ...

26. Forever And One - Helloween

Forever and One What can I do? Will I be getting through? Now that I must try to leave it all behind Did you see what you have done to me? So h ...

27. See Me Fall - Lady & Bird

Right here coming to life No one to blame Right now up and about A minute of fame I've been staying alive So many days No fear, happy or wise ...

28. Rock Hard Or Go Home (Camp Rock 2 OST) - Iron Weasel

Rock hard or go home Rock hard or go home Time to choose if you're gonna win or lose Better rock hard or go home Rock hard or go home Rock hard ...

29. Everything (Chinese melody) - Unknown

Everything Sitting here alone with you, I am feeling so good. Whispering into your ear, I am in love with you. You’re my sunshine on in cloud ...

30. Just A Feeling - Maroon 5

I watched you cry Bathed in sunlight By the bathroom door You said you wished you did not love me anymore You left your flowers in the backseat ...

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