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1. Jinsei ni wa Ai to Kanade to, Koukai to - Life is about Love, and Music, and also Voyaging (Viscount Druitt Character Song No.2) - Tatsuhisa Suzuki

==Kanji== 薔薇色の風 あなたの吐息さ 会うたびにホラ 美しい どんな魔法なんだい? 甘い腰つきは 時?...

2. 背德ワンダーランド - Haitoku Wandaarando - Wonderland of Immorality (Viscount Druitt Character Song No.1) - Tatsuhisa Suzuki

==Kanji== 社交期の終わり間際 夢も終わる 静寂の心に 1羽の駒鳥止まる wktkる 滾る 漲ってく私を ...

3. After Your Love Is Gone - Modern Talking

Oh you playing games, playing games, hurting my soul Seven days, seven nights, without control Oh every day, every night I was alone When you're no ...

4. If I Thought You Would Ever Change Your Mind - Agnetha Faltskog

I would bring you flowers in the morning Wild roses as the sun begins to shine Sweet perfume in tiny jeweled caskets If I thought you'd ever chan ...

5. Today My Life Begins - Bruno Mars

I've been working hard so long Seems like pain has been my only friend My fragile heart's been done so wrong I wondered if i'd ever heal again O ...

6. Dandelion Wine - Blackmore's Night

Where has the time gone?...it seems to fly so fast One moment you're having fun, the next its come to pass Days turn into yesteryear, old friends fi ...

7. Day By Day - Eliane Elias

Day by day, I'm falling more in love with you And day by day my love seems to grow There isn't any end to my devotion It's deeper dear by far than ...

8. Frozen - Within Temptation

I can't feel my senses I just feel the cold All colours seem to fade away I can't reach my soul I would stop running If I knew there was a chan ...

9. Running & Running - MBLAQ

Yeah Like this It’s MBLAQ Let’s go 내게 기회가 온다 내 눈을 피하지마 어차피 만날 운명 피할 수 없는 숙명 내 ?...

10. Kak dela \ Как дела - Aikyn Tolepbergen/ Айкын Толепберген

Как дела Ты не думай счастье дважды подарит цветок судьбы Ты поймешь потом одна ...

11. Yodel Odle Obey Me - Phineas & Ferb OST

Let me tell you my evil scheme I'm gonna enslave your minds with a predictable melody And uncomplicated rhymes And if I ask you to You'd even chan ...

12. Big, Blonde And Beautiful (Hairspray OST) - Queen Latifah

Bring on that pecan pie Pour some sugar on it, sugar, don't be shy Scoop me up a mess of that chocolate swirl Don't be stingy, I'm a growing girl ...

13. Used To Love Her - Guns N' Roses

Used To Love Her I used to love her, but I had to kill her I used to love her, but I had to kill her I had to put her Six feet under And I ...

14. Found Out About You - Emily Osment

We were picture perfect Flawless on the surface We were walking on a straight line We were automatic You seemed so fanatic I was confident And ...

15. Letters To You - Finch

Letters To You Can't you see that i wanna be there with open arms It's empty tonight and i'm all alone Get me through this one Do you notice i ...

16. I've Fallen For You - Toni Gonzaga

What is this I'm feelin' I just can't explain When you're near I'm just not the same I'm tryin' to hide it Try not to show it It's crazy How co ...

17. Kaleidoscope (ft. Jónsi) - DJ Tiesto

One and two Three and four Come through Kaleidoscope I fear you that I ain’t sealed Some mend Have been In my mind It’s where I Want ...

18. Feel The Sunshine - Joe Brooks

This place it has deserted you, one by one it’s turning out the lights… Standing breathless looking for the beauty hanging inches from your eyes ...

19. Humming Bird (Tsumugi Kotobuki Character Song) - Minako Kotobuki

==Kanji== 胸の鳥かごの扉 今 開きましょう 気高く翔び立って 自由に歌いましょう 新しい空 何色? 虹はどん?...

20. Can't Stand The Night - Accept

Fallin' tears, a broken heart Here I sit as time goes by 'cause all I had has gone forever Can't stand the night. The fun we had, I knew so well ...

21. My Heart Was Home Again - Josh Groban

So it goes, history shows Deserts must expand And camels sail like wooden ships Like women on the strand There's sand on Second Avenue And the ...

22. Raindrops - Cheryl Cole

Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh You were the tree and I was the apple, And fell to the ground and turn brown Hate was the wind but love was the ...

23. Hello World - Lady Antebellum

Traffic cars, cell phone calls Top video screams at me Through my tender window I see A little girl, rust red minivan She's got chocolate on her f ...

24. Oh! - SNSD (Girls' Generation)

전에 알던 내가 아냐 brand new sound 새로워진 나와 함께 one more round Dance, dance, dance, till we run this town 오빠 오빠, I'l ...

25. Nori For U - 2PM

Hoo! Ha Ha~ That’s right the 2PM You know what it is It’s N O R I I’m gonna make you smile 항상 지루하지 않게 너에게 재밌는 ...

26. The Way You Do Me - JoJo

[Guy] Wooh Swizz inc Wooh Esta Wooh Jojo Wooh Lets Go Wooh [JoJo] Look at what you do to me Why you keep doing it? It's getting me gone ...

27. Everytime You Cry - Human Nature

Ooh oo - ooh yeah Ooh oo - ooh Never before have I seen you look so blue I can't find a cure and nothing comforts you The light at the end of th ...

28. Room To Grow - Adrienne Young

She's a buckskin baby made of silk and steel Daughter of her Mother's heart Dyed in the wool Future farmer of a brand new start She could've been ...

29. Higher - The Saturdays

Hey Flo-Rida!* Frankie, Molly, Una, Vanessa, Michelle What you doing Saturday girl? I'm doing nothing Cos then at least I'm doing nothing wrong ...

30. Simply Beautiful (ft.Al Green) - Queen Latifah

If I gave you my love, I'll tell you what I'd do. I'd expect a whole lot of love outta you. Mmmmm You gotta be good to me, I'm gonna be good to y ...

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