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1. Time - 1st Lady

I know it hasn't been too long but I love you so Don't care what people say, I just wanna let you know Without you I'd be so confused, I'd be lost i ...

2. The Creep (Ft. Nicki Minaj) - The Lonely Island

"The Creep" (feat. Nicki Minaj) [John Waters] Hi, I'm John Waters, and this is... The Creep. [Lonely Island] When you're out in the club and ...

3. Y.O.U - Noemi

Y.O.U. - nothing but Y.O.U. The reason for living, I lay my love on you Y.O.U. - nothing but Y.O.U. The call into being, I lay my hands on you Y.O ...

4. Nocturnal Strains - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

When the veil of night covers the whitest orchids of the night I feel the darkest velvet in my arms I follow the calling tune, the strains of the ...

5. 1-800-Apathy - Leng Tch'e

1-800-Apathy Disrupted signal wrong receiver Feeding lies to the non-believers Lying in wait to bite the hand that feeds A traced call of messag ...

6. A Moment Of Madness - Katie Melua

"A Moment Of Madness" A moment of madness It's happened before It could turn into sadness or a civil war You've got me changing all I ever thoug ...

7. Heartbeat - Heidi Montag

I'm gonna make you dance I'm gonna make you sweat I pull up at the door And my bentley is pink Got my assistant with me Just to go buy me more ...

8. Maybe He'll Notice Her Now - Mindy Mccready

She wrote I feel just like that painting Collectin dust on the wall And every day you walk right by me And don't know I'm there at all And I c ...

9. 고백할께 / Go Baek Hal Gge / I Will Confess (Giày Thủy Tinh OST) - Jia / 지아

=====Hangul===== 이젠 고백할께 널 위해 네가 다시는 외롭지 않도록 사랑한다고 so you don't you call me say goodbye baby ...

10. The Wind of Flowers - Lunetia

I won't forget the day They puffed out your candle The fire went out and it never came back again The story just kind of ended I tried to ...

11. Light After Dark - Clare Maguire

We’re in one mind We’re in this together And we’re facing a fight We’re not trying to be clever no We’re not trying to be cool Sometime ...

12. Please Take Care of My Boyfriend - Younha

Hangeul 첟눈 오면 가티 걸자고 그곡 어기머브시 둘리 오자던 그 텅 빈 거리엔 너와 나눈 자근 반지와 다 엉켜버 ...

13. Antoinette Blue - Nana Kitade / 北出 菜奈

==Kanji== Kanji Antoinette Blue 作詩:北出菜奈 作曲:山口寛雄 ゆめをみた、こわい夢を。 (遠ざかる背中)に 凍?...

14. Adam's Apple - Aerosmith

Back when Cain was able Way before the stable Lighting struck right down from the sky A mother ship with fate said let's give it a try Conscience ...

15. Someone Like You - Adele

I heard that you're settled down, That you found a girl and you're married now, I heard that your dreams came true, Guess she gave you things I did ...

16. Jailhouse Baby - Paris Hilton

CNN and MTV, All cameras's focused on me, Helicopters up above, Oh what a travesty, There's a crazy world at war, Right outside of my front door, ...

17. I've Got A Dream (Tangled OST) - Various Artists

I'm malicious, mean and scary My sneer could curdle dairy And violence-wise, my hands are not the cleanest But despite my evil look And my temper, ...

18. Lunatic - Dolores O'riordan

Do you follow me? Do you follow me? Do you follow me? Do you follow me? Oh, I think your losing your mind Oh, I think your losing your mind Thro ...

19. Family - (ft. Ken The 390 ft. Shun ft. Coma-chi) - Shimizu Shota / 清水翔太

♫Kanji♫ 大好きだよ 愛してるよ そんな言葉は必要ないよね いつでも思っているから To Family 僕ら?...

20. One upon Another Dream - No Secrets

Once upon a time there was a princess She got cast under a magical spell I know you I danced with you once upon a dream I know you I dance ...

21. Gemini (ft.Kagamine Len & Kagamine Rin) - Dixie Flatline

==Kanji== 離れていても そうさ僕らは 天かける星座の裏表\ さざめく昼も 切ない夜も 空をこえ惹かれあう ...

22. It's Gotta Be Love - Lee Dewyze

And when I woke up in a different apartment Having flashbacks since I get up off the carpet And I say, hold on, I think I remember Over a couple ...

23. ワールドイズマイン - Waarudo Izu Main - World is Mine (ft.Kagamine Len) - Supercell

==Kanji== 世界でいちばん おひめさま そういう扱い心得てる ...だろ? その一 いつもと違う髪型に気付け?...

24. ワールドイズマイン - Waarudo Izu Main - World Is Mine (ft.Kaito) - Supercell

==Kanji== 世界で一番おひめさま 分かっているから お前は俺の嫁 その一 そういえば髪切った? 少しだ?...

25. Melt (English Version) (ft.Neko) - Supercell

When I woke up this morning There something came up in my mind Yes,it was you I made up my mind to change my hairstyle 'cause I want you to be i ...

26. Like A Hero - Modern Talking

Baby, come save me From pain and from fear Maybe I'm crazy Still dreaming you are here No more tears my baby I cry for you No more fears, oh may ...

27. Into The Blind World - Dark The Suns

The chains around your heart tied as tight as the bonds around my arms. You dare to laugh at me, even if you want to be like me. Unfortunately thi ...

28. Round Of Applause - Cody Simpson

I was going through my call log the other day and all I saw was your name I was thinking what I'm thinking this girl got me feeling some kinda w ...

29. Just Close Your Eyes - Story Of The Year

If you close your eyes, Your life, a naked truth revealed, Dreams you never lived and scars never healed (Scars never healed) In the darkness life ...

30. Kick Back - Lexington Bridge

Baby,let me be the first to mention That I'm glad you're in my life You're the sunshine after the rain I wanna give u all of my attention I wanna ...

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