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1. The Big Fat Bass (Ft. Will.I.Am) - Britney Spears

Big fat bass The big fat bass (x3) [Chorus] I can be the treble You can be the bass You can be the bass You can be the bass I can be the tr ...

2. 그대로 멈춰라!/ Just Stop! - Block B

[INTRO] We on the Block We gotta rock We gonna make it hot X2 (재효) 점점 커지는 Beat 빨라지는 drum 현란한 조명빛에 반짝이?...

3. Love Girl - C.N.Blue

Tell me Tell me 사랑을 말해줘 Tell me Tell me 네 사랑 전해줘 Love me Love me 내 품에 안겨줘 Kiss me Kiss me 너만을 사랑해 ...

4. 전소영/ Because Of You (Capital Scandal OST) - Jeon So Young/ 전소영

I love you, I do… 내 맘 밤하늘 별처럼 홀로 잠못든채 빛나고 있어 너의 생각에 자꾸만 행복해 아무도 몰래 ?...

5. Until You - Dave Barnes

Let's just take our time There's nothing else to do What better way to spend the night than wasting it with you The moon has won the war The day ...

6. Love Scenes - Beverley Craven

I wonder what she says to you, when you're alone together My imagination is so cruel, picturing you holding hands, and doing the things that we plan ...

7. Figaro's Aria From The Barber Of Seville - Pietro Spagnoli

~Lời gốc tiếng Ý~ Largo al factotum, Figaro's aria from Il Barbiere di Siviglia Largo al factotum della citta. Largo! La la la la la la l ...

8. Don't Cry (Park Bom) - 2NE1

사랑은 너무 쉽게 변해만 갔죠 서로 욕심 속에 아픈 상처만 남아 GOTTA LET YOU GO and please don't cry 나 라는 사람 ?...

9. ひまわり / Himawari / Sunflower - Hearts Grow

ひまわりの花うつむかないで 太陽に向かって心開いて オレンジ色のTシャツ少し色あせてた午後に 恋をし ...

10. Cada Mañana / Every Morning - Reik

Cada mañana cuando despierto Viene el recuerdo de tu último beso Cada mañana cuando amanezco Busco el perfume que dejo tu cuerpo Cada que ten ...

11. Cold Wind Blows - Eminem

[Intro] Cause some things just don't change It's better when they stay the same Although the whole world knows your name So on a bigger stage The ...

12. I Need This - Jessie J

Stop, where am I? Shock, I can't cry Pop, I need some space No, this isn't me Go, please let me breathe I'll be back sooner than you know I ...

13. How You See The World - ColdPlay

Are you missing something Looking for something Tired of everything Searching and struggling Are you worried about it Do you wanna talk about it ...

14. Sweet Song - Cécile Corbel

Sweet Song By the hills and the lands Where my heart has gently grown And where the trees are in bloom for ever I could spend my whole life with ...

15. Perfect Day - Mariam Stockley

The rain has moved on And left a new day Nothing seems to move Everything is still It s just a perfect day The shadows and light That move wit ...

16. God Is Good All The Time - Don Moen

Chorus: God is good all the time He put a song of praise in this heart of mine God is good all the time Through the darkest night, His light will ...

17. L.O.V.E - Jessie J

Ok, maybe this is the day that I have to write a song about love its about time L.O. L.O. L.O.V.E. Love I said I'd never write a song about ...

18. Take Off - 2PM

君と出会ったのはただの偶然じゃない これを運命と呼ぶんだ その瞳に映る僕たちが輝いていられるよう?...

19. Green Grass - I Am Arrows

You ran away to the sun in California. I'll stay the same under gray skies I'll come undone, And I know on holiday, The grass so green, Yes you ...

20. Everything Changes - Erik Segerstedt

Even though that I've just met you And we've only said hello I can tell that you are special Don't ask me how I know It may sound strange but, t ...

21. A Little Less Conversation - Lee Dewyze

A little less conversation, a little more action please All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me A little more bite and a little less bark A l ...

22. Outta This World - JLS

Houston We got a problem Said I'm calling Houston We got a problem Hey Baby out of space, or a far off place She's in front of me I'm standing ...

23. Elizabeth I Love You - Michael Jackson

Welcome to Hollywood That's what they told you A child star in Hollywood That's what they sold you Grace with beauty, charm and talent You would ...

24. Higher - Erik Grönwall

Hey I'm a believer And gravity's letting go of me tonight Mmm you Came out of nowhere When everything was passing by at the speed of light So ...

25. Don't Close Your Eyes - Keith Whitley

I know you loved him A long time ago Even now in my arms You still want him I know But darling this time Let your memories die When you hold m ...

26. Screaming Bloody Murder - Sum 41

I’m not quite myself these days Guess we all come undone time to time in different ways well, I have myself to blame. Guess I don’t understand ...

27. Love So Right - Bee Gees

She came on like the night and she held on tight And the world was right when she made love to me We were free She moved in like a friend, star ...

28. Life Will Go On (OST Chasing Liberty) - Chris Isaak

Broken skies, heartaches that flowers won't mend Say goodbye knowing that this is the end Tender dreams, shadows fall Love too sweet, to recall Dr ...

29. Down In The Valley - Johnny Cash

Down in the valley, valley so low Late in the evening, hear the wind blow Hear the wind blow, love, hear the wind blow Late in the evening, hear th ...

30. Going Crazy (English Version) (Youtube's members cover) - Unknown

This can not be love This is not what i call love It's you...playing with my mind Your eyes are set on me Always watching over me Let me go, i do ...

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