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1. Breakthrough - Bridgit Mendler

Oooh yeah, mmmm Breakthrough Up, down, spinnin all around Fly, high, falling to the ground Sometimes dreams can feel so far away Time, keeps, ...

2. Somebody - Bridgit Mendler

Can you see me? Cause I'm right here Can you listen? Cause I've been trying to make you notice What it would mean to me to feel like somebody We' ...

3. 샴푸 / Shampoo - After School / 애프터스쿨

==== Hangul + Romanji ==== 샴푸가 되고 싶어 그대의 머리카락에 나 흘러내리며 syampuga dwego sipo geudeye morikarage na heullon ...

4. Heart Like Mine - Miranda Lambert

I ain’t the kind you take home to mama I ain’t the kind to wear no ring Somehow I always get stronger When I’m on my second drink Even tho ...

5. Replaceable - Taio Cruz

Don't think I won't Don't think I won't Don't think I won't Don't think I won't Don't think I won't Don't think I won't Don't think I won't Don ...

6. Automatic - Aubrey O'Day

When Im on the dance floor x2 Floor.... x3 Look at my body, it’s so official Every time they see me, they shoot over like a missile Just wanna ...

7. Red Rose - Cécile Corbel

Red Rose My luve's like a red rose That's newly sprung in June My luve's like a melodie That's sweetly play'd in tune As fair as thou, my bon ...

8. Special - Nick Carter

She makes me wanna fly Both feet on the ground Takes me to this place I don't want to come down,… Gives me something fresh Someone that is real ...

9. Lover's Farewell (ft. Jimmie O' Neil) - Cécile Corbel

Lover's Farewell Though I cry as you walk away The hurt is like an old friend who Is around and never fades away We share it out, me and you ...

10. I Do - Bi Rain

Seororeul neukkyeogamyeonse jogeumsshik seoro aragamyeonseo Anjenganen oori eojeomyeon dooli I do Chingudeul apeseo ooriga chingusail neomeoseo Doo ...

11. Painted Veil - Cécile Corbel

Painted Veil Once there was an honest man Fallen in love with a bonnie maid He spread gold and flowers in her hair A painted veil, she's a paint ...

12. Melancholic (ft.Choucho) - Junky

==Kanji== 全然つかめないきみのこと 全然しらないうちに ココロ奪われるなんてこと あるはずないでしょ ...

13. ココロ - Kokoro - Heart (ft.Kagamine Rin) - Travolta-P

==Kanji== 孤独な科学者に作られたロボット 出来栄えを言うなら”奇跡” だけどまだ足りない 一つだけ出?...

14. ココロ・キセキ - Kokoro・Kiseki - Heart・Miracle (ft.Hanatan) - Travolta-P

==Kanji== 「一度目の奇跡は君が生まれたこと  二度目の奇跡は君と過ごせた時間」 孤独な科学者に作られ?...

15. Mary - Cécile Corbel

Mary Mary is a sailor Dreaming of northern shores Lost galleons at the sea Mary ever on her way O can you sail and come back? O can you leav ...

16. You're So Right - The Strokes

[Verse 1] Tell me what happened Tell me what happened Tell me what happened If you like Get off on the same floor Get off on the same floor Get ...

17. Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute

Stay with me Baby stay with me, tonight Don't leave me alone Walk with me Come and walk with me To the edge of all we've ever known I can see ...

18. Kiss Goodbye - Little Big Town

When you lose somethin It’s all that you want back You’re waitin patiently But it don’t work like that When you lose someone The first th ...

19. It's Over Now (Eng Ver.) - Brian Joo - Fly To The Sky

Feeling so empty without you beside me What could have happened for you to just leave me I don’t know if I can make it, I’m sorry I’m trying ...

20. Liar (OST Secret Garden) - Yoon Sang Hyun / 윤상현

♫Hangul♫ Chorus Let me go way 사랑은 No way 이제는 사랑따윈 없어 눈물따윈 없어 Let me go way 사랑은 No way 더?...

21. Go Girl (ft. Trina & YoungBo$$) - Pitbull

(What would the music be without sounds) Pitbull: Young Boss, Miss Trina, Pitbull Let's show them how we keep down I party like a rockstar Look ...

22. Romeo (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus) - Dolly Parton

A cross between a movie star And a hero in a book Romeo comes struttin' in And everybody looks 'Cause he's just got that special thang That ...

23. 방콕시티/ Bangkok City - Orange Caramel

한 남자의 눈동자가 흔들 1초에 열 1번씩 흔들흔들 왜 자꾸 나를 스캔 하나요 니 옆에 니 여자가 비틀비틀 Bangko ...

24. Sticks & Stones (How To Train Your Dragon OST) - Jonsi

Eyes open wide, blinded by the sun now Orange and white, dark red, green and yellow Rainbow colors! Do not hide, see the view! Step aside, go throu ...

25. Anti Geisha - Nu Virgos

ORIGINAL RUSSIAN: Я подумала его увидев, несмотря на постоянный недосып, До чего же он хо ...

26. Touchin On My - 3OH!3

Girl I gotta know, how you dance like that d-d-dance like that, you dance like that cause you’re puttin’ on a show can i take you back? take yo ...

27. Today - The Jam

Tell me toda-a-a-ay (x4) There's just something that i gotta get off my mind (yeah) I'm not everything i wanted to be (be) and I got the feeli ...

28. Trend - Piggy Dolls

-HANGUL- 언제나 당당하게 난 아무것도 신경쓰지마 아무도 (누구도) i don’t care no more(난 더 이상 상관없어) 사람 ...

29. Jimmy Ray McGee - Julianne Hough

Jimmy Ray McGee, used to lean on his old Corvette Light up a cigarette And ask, why I hadn't loved him yet Jimmy Ray McGee was the first-string qua ...

30. Solo En Ti (Only You) - Enrique Iglesias

Se abre una ventana interior Es una historia de amor que se ha ido Todo fue un momento ayer Y hoy que quiero volver te persigo Necesito lo que tu ...

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